Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Book Review: Pray A to Z

This is a great prayer resource to have in your prayer arsenal.  I loved that there are so many specific prayers to guide the new believer as well as the mature in the faith.

Pray A to Z by Amelia Rhodes is a book which topically organizes prayers in alphabetical order which makes this resource even easier to use.

Prayer is at times an unused weapon used by believers.  The enemy tries to discourage us from praying.  No more excuses with this book! It navigates you through a variety of prayers that will provoke your faith.  

There are model prayers to guide you through topics such as:

                   Bulimia and other Eating Disorders
                   Court Cases
There is a Contents section that lists the prayer topics alphabetically as well as a scripture reference for each prayer.

This is a great guide to activate or re-activate your prayer life.  There is amazing power in prayer!
Be encouraged to believe in God's promises.


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