Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Book Review: Made For A Purpose

Credit: Amazon
Made For A Purpose by Kristie Wilde is Book 1 from the Joyful Creation Series.

This book answers the questions that little children including my own ask.  When they see God's creation they sure do have lots of questions and aren't shy about asking them.

The author provided interesting facts about animals that you may leave you surprised!

He made the beaver with long teeth, that grow super fast so they can chew down trees to build their houses!
He gave chipmunks stretchy pouches inside their mouths so they can carry more food at a time!

The author used watercolor illustrations to create beautiful images that are captivating.  Her attention to detail of the Lord's handiwork is simply charming.  The detail in the pictures of the animals kept my daughters 7 and 2 engaged.

My 7 year old read the book in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I think this book would be a great gift for your inquisitive little ones!

I received this complimentary copy, from Book Crash, in exchange for my honest review


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