Saturday, October 3, 2015

Book Review: NKJV Study Bible for Kids

NKJV Study Bible for Kids is chock full of features that will be sure to inspire your child to get to reading God's Word. 

This Bible incorporates the accuracy of the New King James Version translation of the Bible into an inviting format which captivates the reader at first glance.

My daughter was immediately drawn to the bright colors and the overall look of this Bible.  She immediately took hold of it and wanted to get into the Word.

As I thumbed through the Bible, I immediately noticed the bright colored page edges in an ombre detail.  Each page also has a fan tab that lists the book, chapter and verse.  That will be most helpful to those who are just starting to read the Bible until they are familiar with were each book is located.  

Although, there are quite a few additional features, I find each of them to be helpful to the reader.

Behind the Scenes: Bible book introductions including author, dates, key passages, and highlights;

Spotlight: God's big plan - how He worked in Bible times and how He works today;

Starring Roles: Biographies of key people in the Bible;

On Location: Colorful maps to help find Bible locations and events

You might think the font would be small to make room for all the extra content but not so.  The typeface provides ease of reading for children to be able to follow along. Hardcover books are made with durability in mind, great option since this Bible is for children!

Another feature that was well thought out is the Articles Index.  If the child wants to refer to biblical passages on sharing with others or obedience, they can refer to the page number listed and it will take them directly to the passage that talks about that particular topic.

There is also a ribbon marker to  keep tabs on where your little reader read last.

This is a beautifully done children's Bible.  If you are gifting a Bible to a loved one for an upcoming birthday or even for the holidays that are quickly approaching, I would HIGHLY recommend this one!

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