Friday, October 18, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Laundry

Five Minute Friday
There is certainly no coincidence that I should happen to stumble upon FMF this morning.  Yesterday, as I was folding my daughter's clean laundry my thoughts wandered far off while I was completing this simple task.  

As I sorted through all the clothes my youngest daughter has outgrown, my thoughts wandered to the younger members of my family who live in Ecuador.  There is such need among the children.

I thought of the little faces…beautiful little faces.

I thought of Pastor Alexis and the church in La Lometa, D.R.  The church has so many young children there who have many needs.

I thought of the little faces…beautiful little faces.

As I continued to fold away my daughters pile of warm sweaters and clean socks a feeling of thankfulness overwhelmed my heart. 

I relished the thoughts and memories of those young little faces for quite some time after I folded laundry and continued with my day-to-day to do's.

My to do…included praying for those little faces….beautiful little faces.


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