Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Book Review: Defeating Jezebel

The Spiritual Warrior's Guide to Defeating Jezebel by Jennifer LeClaire is an eye opening book with many insights on the spiritual seductress called Jezebel.

The author identifies motives and tactics on who Jezebel really is, how it manifests, and how to overcome this spirit.  She clearly states that although widely thought and many are convinced that Jezebel is a controlling spirit which in fact hides its actions behind the mask of control and manipulation, it is really a spirit of seduction that leads people to immorality and idolatry.

The author goes on to paint a clear picture of who Jezebel really is and its impact on the Church.  All the while, she is clear to mention that only the Spirit led Church can and will definitely be able to identify this spirit and deal with it according to the Word and will of God.

The author provides numerous Biblical references to which the reader can refer to and identify this spirit from a Biblical standpoint and exercise God given authority on how to deal with it.

I appreciate the author including that the Lord has called the body of Christ to lovingly aim at seeking the individual to be restored.  Restoration should be the goal for our brother/sister in Christ who has been deceived by this seductive and lying spirit. Of course, also noting that the individual should be willing to renounce and repent and if not done Jezebel will still maintain rights to work in him/her.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and have already recommended it.

I like how she worded that the body of Christ should love Jezebel back to Jesus!

I received a complimentary copy of this book by Chosen Books in exchange for my honest review.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Book Review: Prayer Warrior Mom

Marla Alupoaicei's "Prayer Warrior Mom" is a book written from the heart of a women who passionately ministers to other women and inspires mother's to live prayer-filled lives.

There are  fifteen principals outlined in the book.  Each prayer principle includes model prayers (which outlines a sample prayer on how to lift up fervent and effective prayers for our children), Sword of the Spirit section (Biblical references to learn how to pray scripture over the lives of our children) and Small Group Questions (She encourages women to hold a small discussion group where you can have prayer partners and share the joys and encourage one another).

The book encourages mother's to lift up persistent prayers and to persevere in them knowing full well that the spiritual barriers that satan intends to build up (or if he has already) can and will come down in the name of Jesus!  She encourages the reader to take hold of the God given authority mother's have over the lives of their children and to cover them in prayer.  As I read the book it is made very clear that the author has the conviction that we can claim the victory over our children's lives in whatever situation and she transmits that same faith to the reader.  She also mentions throughout the book the "prodigal children" giving hope and comfort to mother's who are praying for their children who have strayed from the straight and narrow path.

What I also found enlightening is that she also conveys the message that as mother's we must convey the significance of prayer to our children, lead by example and model to them a prayer filled lifestyle.

Although, I did not agree entirely with the author's theology and doctrine, I found "Prayer Warrior Mom" to be a thought provoking read filled with heart tugging testimonies (I needed a Kleenex for a few of them).

I highly recommend this book to any mother who may not know just how to begin to wage spiritual warfare on behalf of their children.  This book is filled with Scripture and promises of the Lord and will certainly stir you up to pray with power, authority, gratitude and renewed faith in Jesus!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from BookSneeze in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.