Friday, March 8, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Home

When I read the word I immediately thought of the home I lived in as a child.  My family, the apartment where my sister grew up in with my single mom in the heart of Manhattan.

My mother always longed to give us what she thought was the best.  I love her for it!  I remember her love and willingness to give instead of wanting to receive.  What stands out is a time when all we had for dinner where three tiny pieces of steak and plain white rice.  I wanted another helping and my mom looked into my eyes and said there wasn't any more.  I remember the hurt in her eyes.  I remember her desire to provide all that we needed and wanted.  She looked lovingly at her young daughter and gave up her piece and only ate rice that night.

In the Lord I strive to obey Jesus and through prayer infuse my home with His beautiful presence.  I want to emulate the love and compassion and selflessness that I learned and saw in the women who made a home for my younger sister and I.

Five Minute Friday



  1. Love that picture of your Mama being so selfless. How beautiful.

  2. What a great home you had!

    Nancy @LiveaSavoryLife

  3. It is funny because I don't remember that specific incident but Mami always made it seem to me that there was not lack in our home...that's how great she was and is!


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