Monday, March 4, 2013

Counting My Blessings

1.  I was chosen employee of the month once again and I was given a gift card!!

2.  My mother returned from Ecuador and I was extremely excited and thankful to have her back again;
Spent Wednesday with her and enjoyed a day of laughing and sharing stories :)

3.  Excited to see how the girls are learning so much in Tuesday's classes.  Their enthusiasm is contagious;

4.  Received my Scentsy order.  As part of Scentsy: Scent of the Month club I received "Simply Irresistible". It is a delicious scent of lavender with a strong woody background of amber, moss and musk. It reminds me of a male cologne which is perfect for my husband to have something other than floral feminine scents being warmed.  I really enjoy this scent:)

Looking to order?  Reach out to Karen today.

"Crinkle" plug-in is so much prettier in person that in the catalog;

5.  Celebrated my wedding anniversary this week.  Thankful that the Lord has maintained us in HIM!

6.  My husband surprised me with this:

     Yes, it's a shopping cart, the small size.   I have been wanting one for awhile for local grocery shopping.  
I mentioned it to him months ago and he remembered - How thoughtful is he:)

7. Playing with Play-dough with my tot: imagination work out!

8. My Pastor was invited to preach at another church and we were invited to attend.  It was an awesome night of praising the Lord and the body was edified!

9. Seeing my little one in prayer:  

thank you, Jesus!

10. Wrapped up the evening with dinner at my mom's house along with Karen and her family!!


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  1. The pictures are priceless...Victor gets double bonus points for remembering...and Geni praying is God's glory!!!!!


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