Saturday, February 23, 2013

Counting My Blessings

1. Enjoyed a special treat Sunday..pupusas!  Geni calls them pupas:)

2. Geni is doing great in homeschooling.  I have to keep in mind she is only three.

3. Karen dropped by with the girls and we sure did laugh it up:)

4. I ordered my Scentsy plug-in in "Crinkle".  Joined the "Scentsy Club".

5. Spoke to my mother and so joyful that she is returning home soon.  She shared with me how my cousin is persevering in the Lord.

6. Thanking the Lord for my father this week.  Lord, please soften his heart and I pray that he may know you as TRUTH!

7. Time with the girls at the library is always fun!

8. Texted with my older sister.  Thankful that she is well.

9. Cooked up beef stew and it turned out delicious:)

10.  Set goals for this week and I was able to fulfill just about all of them.  PROGRESS!!!


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  1. I actually wanted some pupusas yesterday:( I am trusting in the Lord for the salvation of our family in jesus' Name!!!!


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