Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Monthly Goals: November

I have challenged myself to jot down my goals and follow through although it proves to be challenging for me.  It's been a time management issue for me. However, I am not giving up. The Lord's grace will carry me through this adventure:)

Now for October's monthly goals.  It did not go as planned.  I fell behind but instead of lamenting I am moving forward and pressing on. So, without further ado:

November's Monthly Goals:
1. Go over the financials with my husband;
2. Follow along with Crystal for the 21 day challenge.  May not be able to blog about it everyday but I certainly want to keep up with it;
3. Catch up on reading with my girls :)
4. Update Homeschooling planner for both girls;
5. Update my planner;
6. Keep up with my prayer calendar;
7. Continue to help my tot learn to sound out her letters and begin to learn to read basic words;
8. Read another book this month


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  1. I'm working on teaching my little ones to read. They are loving the adventure. :-) Teaching them how to read was something I was nervous about, but it's going well so far. And they have so much fun doing their reading. :-)


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