Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Four Weeks to a More Organized Home: Day 1 & 2

I do get inspired when Money Saving Mom hosts one of her challenges.

As soon as I read this post I knew I wanted to get involved.
November 5th through December 7th she will be posting daily assignments to get us motivated and onward to a more organized home in 21 days.

Last week, I started cleaning out my closet and have desired to get a jump on cleaning out the house before the new year.  I cleaned out most of my closet and I have two big bags of clothes to donate as well as shoes and purses.

Now onto the 21 Day Challenge:

Day 1 Assignment:

Clean out purse. DONE!

Had my planner, my daughter's hair tie, my jar of Vaseline, and lotion which I just don't use

Now, I have my essentials: lip balm, reusable bag, coupon carrier, camera bag, antibacterial gel, gloves and I decided to keep the lotion in there anyway.  Hey, you never know:)

Day 2 Assignment:

Set the timer for 10 minutes and do a quick-clean of your kitchen: wash the dishes, clear off the counter tops, and, if you have time, wipe down the counter tops and the outside of the cupboards with wet rag or cleaning cloth. DONE! (Not the wipedown of the cupboards part)
Set the timer for 10 minutes and do a quick clean of your refrigerator. Remove all the contents that are past their prime, wipe down the sticky spots, and re-organize things so they are easier to get to. DONE!

These contents are certainly past their prime;)

Aaaahhh....much better:)

With both assignments I had to allot myself an additional 5 minutes to get the job done. 
Glad it is DONE!


  1. I'm super excited to see how the rest of this challenge plays out. Your purse and the fridge look great! Congrats on starting this "journey" and I can't wait to see and enjoy the fruits of your labor:) JK.


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