Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Monthly Goals: October

I decided to set up monthly goals for myself to keep myself on track and accountable to what I feel is long overdue.  Below are the goals I set up for the month of September.  While I was able to accomplish half of what I have on my list I still have to work on the rest of the list.

1. Writing down family budget
2. Update and use my calendar
3. Update Home School planner for both girls
4. Get back on track with Bible reading

I have to say that the most difficult part of setting up September's monthly goals was actually sitting down with my husband and crunch the numbers. My husband and I prayed and got to it. By the time I knew it we were done and I felt free!

Now on to my monthly goals for October:

1. Catch up on my Bible reading
2. Continue to adhere to the family budget
3. Finish "A Quiet Strength" by Janette Oke to the girls
4. Begin "The Red Geranium" by Janette Oke to the girls
5. Start my prayer calendar
6. Participate in Karen's October Prayer Calendar
7. Continue to use and update my personal calendar
8. Update Home School planner for both girls

Until next time beloved of the Lord,

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  1. It has been harder for me than I thought to get back on track, but with God's help, I know it is possible:)


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