Friday, October 5, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Welcome

Always welcomed into His presence.  That was my first thought when I read the word "welcome".  I know that it is His desire for me to know that I can enter the Holy of Holies and sit at His feet and bask in the presence of my Jesus.

I don't have to say anything, I don't have to do anything.  Through His grace and mercy and not through any merit of my own I am invited cordially by His Royal Majesty. Me, Sydney, I am always welcomed.

When my faults are clearly visible to me, I am still welcomed.
When I spoke up to soon and didn't wait to be guided, I am still welcomed.
When I ran ahead instead of walking in His footsteps, I am still welcomed.
When I was not slow to speak and quick to listen, I am still welcomed.
When I wanted to be served and did not bow down and serve, I am still welcomed.
When I have judged, I am still welcomed.

Thank you Jesus, I know that you do not despise a humble and contrite heart.
Thank you because you make me feel welcomed.

Five Minute Friday



  1. So thankful for His welcoming arms and His grace! Your words expressed this perfectly.

  2. I too am so grateful that HE always welcomes...thank you for reminding me of this:)

  3. I am still welcomed! LOVE!!!! Thank you for this and be blessed:)


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