Saturday, October 13, 2012

Counting My Blessings

1. Thankful that my husband offered to stay home with the baby so My mom, my teen and I could do some shopping.

2. My sister celebrated another birthday!!! I love her so much and I am thankful for each year that the Lord has blessed her with.

3. Our church had a field trip to Green Meadow Farm and my girls had a great time.  My girls carried chickens, petted baby pigs, goats, horses, etc.  It was a lovely day fellowshipping with my lovely family in Christ.

We even received a free pumpkin

4. My sister and I combined our Tuesday evening bible study classes in church and I think all the kids enjoyed doing something different.

5. My sister and I and all of our girls headed over to Vera Bradley for an in-store event.
This earth tone VB bag is gorgeous....

6. After the store event we took the girls to a nearby playground.  They enjoyed every moment of it!!!

7. Pastor Alexis is back from the Dominican Republic.  He will be here for a few days and we are blessed by his presence and how the Lord is moving in La Lometa!!!

8. Witnessing my teen's discipline and determination this week has been very encouraging.

9. My husband surprised me with a treat I haven't had in a very long while...yummy:)

10. There are areas of my life that the Lord allows me to see while I am at work.....there IS a purpose:)


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  1. This week was jammed with adventures in the it! I don't know who enjoys the excursions more-them or us?:)


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