Monday, September 24, 2012

Counting My Blessings

I continually marvel at the grandeur of our Amazing God.

1. Have enjoyed conversations with my sister-in-Christ Johanny.  I thank you my dear Jesus for the strength and grace you have given my sweet sister.

2. My sister and her husband graciously offered my family and I dinner this past Sunday.  Fellowship and food....always goes good together!

3. The Lord taught me a lesson this week at work.  HIS eyes are ALWAYS watching.  Thank you Lord for your correction.

4. Took a drive with Karen to Costco and Target.  It has been awhile since we stepped out just us two.  I always have a fun time when we go out.

5. Was able to return two bag of bagels I bought at Costco.  They grew fuzz and I was surprised I was able to return them.  Received a full refund!

6. My daughter fulfilled an etsy order this week.  God, thank you!

7. Parking rules for part of the week were cancelled and have been able to sleep in a little later:)

8. Teaching toddler's on Tuesday evenings continues to bless me immensely.   Together we are learning so much:)

9. My mom stopped by twice this week.  I just love it when she comes over.  She has also blessed us by staying with my girls while I head out to work.

10. My sister and niece stopped by a for a quick visit.  We enjoyed hearty laughs as usual:)

11. Enjoyed an evening off from work this week.  Thank you Jesus....I know you orchestrated that evening just for me:)

12. Received my Scentsy order.  The warmers look even more beautiful in person. I am warming Perfectly Pomegranate and it smells great!  My scentsy consultant wrapped up my order beautifully and I even got an extra something.  Thanks:)

13. My church is celebrating 15 years of service and dedication to the Lord Jesus Christ this week.  I truly feel eternally blessed by the Pastor the Lord has given me.  I am blessed to have a Pastor that loves the Lord as well as a love for the congregation.  Many more in YOU, Lord!!!!!


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  1. I love it that He reveals Himself in every area of our lives... Lord give us eyes that are continually fixed on You!


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