Monday, September 10, 2012

Counting My Blessings

Ideally I would like to post my blessings for the week on Saturday's however this weekend was quite busy for my family and I.

Nevertheless, I must detail all of the Lord's marvelous works from this past week.

1. My niece Sara turned 7 years old this week!!!!  Her aunt from her father's side threw her a birthday party which included games, cake and food:).  She had a guessing game which consisted of who could guess how many Skittles were in a jar and guess who!!!! Who would've figured there were 653 Skittles in the jar?

2. My niece Sara's dad also celebrated another year in the Lord this week!

3. Began our 2nd week of homeschooling and we got off to a slow start since I had quite a few errands to run.

4. Being able to witness my daughter's desire to dig deep into the Word of God has blessed me immensely.

5. For over a month now my husband and the girls have been delighting in Monday evening prayers.
Thank you Lord for the unity and love only you can give.

6. My sister threw her Scentsy launch party.  We had lots of laughs and she quite a few orders in already!!!  Thank you Lord for glorifying yourself in everything we place in your hands!!!

7. My husband and I felt the peace about me starting a part time job and I continue to see how the Lord is showing me specific areas of my life that need more of HIM and less of me.  I am amazed at how HE sees fit to work it all out for my good!!!

8.  I am thankful that the Lord has allowed an open door for HIS Word to be preached at my husband's job.

9.  My mom received great news regarding her income this week!  Do you know our God has a sense of humor?

10.  My tot has been very willing in her homeschooling.  I am learning right along with her...thank you LORD!!!



  1. I would love to sit in on one of hs lessons with Geni...who knows who she'll call and invite?! The Lord will use anything and everything to minister us, we just have to surrender:)

  2. I was actually thinking of inviting you over to get your "input".


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