Friday, August 31, 2012

Counting My Blessings

I have looked back time and time again to my CYB post and remember all that the Lord has blessed me with. I encourage my daughter to keep a record of the different ways that she sees the Lord working in her and those around her.

With out further ado....I am counting my blessings:

1. My father celebrated another birthday this last week. My desire is for Him to realize just how much he is loved by the Lord.

2. Received news this week that while my uncle has been recuperating from a recent surgery, fell ill once again. However, we rest in the Lord knowing that He has received Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior!!!!

3. My niece is turning 7 this week!!!! I remember being their in the hospital room as my sister gave birth to her and holding precious S.E. in my arms. May the Lord continue to shower her with His grace and favor.

4. My teen and tot have both started homeschooling this week. I am looking forward to implementing our new planners:)

5. My husband was able to speak to one of our brothers in Christ...and we pray that he may return to the house of the Lord soon. We declare a complete healing in the life of our brother and his family in the name of Jesus!

6. My teen has a new found passion for photography. She enjoys taking pictures of the beauty of the Lord's creation.

7. My teen designed my blog and I am thankful for the talent that the Lord has given her. I think it came out just lovely!!!!

8. My younger sister started a new venture this week and I pray that the Lord prospers all that she does for His glory:)

9. A brother in Christ shared a powerful testimony last night during service. This brother has been out of work for months. He finally was offered a job this tuesday, however the hours of this new job would not allow him to come to church during the week. He didn't feel that it was from the Lord so he turned down the offer. But our Lord is an awesome God! He was later offered a better paying job that would allow him to congregate during the week!!!

10. My daughter's and I went grocery shopping with my mom. I love spending time with my mother. She tells the best stories:)

Until next time.....

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  1. Aww! Thanks Mom! I'm glad that you like the design:)

    I love reading your CYB! I am always edified in reading them.


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