Monday, January 17, 2011

Counting My Blessings

1. Did some grocery was about time. Thankful for the pack of chicken still left in the freezer but after having chicken for four days in a row...we were ready for something different:)

2. Had time alone with my teen crafting. We took a quick trip Michael's and made a banner with both of my girls names which will hang in my teen's room.

3. The daughter of a SIC arrived from Ecuador with her grandson and I pray that the Lord may continue to restore the lives of each family member.

4. Had a surprise visitor at church on Sunday. She arrived with her beautiful daughter that we didn't get to meet since she was born (she is already 3). God, may she find her way back to you!

5. Snow expected this week...and we got just about 6 inches..I think:)

6. Visited with my mom this Monday...lovely as always:) She does enjoy time with my daughters and I...and I must do I!!!

7. Took another quick trip with my sister Karen to Michael's craft store. Glue dots!

8. CVS deal for this week. These (6) Air Wick air fresheners retail at a whopping $83.94. On sale, matched with store rewards I roll over plus coupons I paid a total oop (out of pocket) $3.00 ( which $2.00 was on tax).

God is so good because prior to the sale I was speaking to my husband about getting some air fresheners for the home.

9. Target was having their semi-annual toy clearance sale and I was able to purchase some toys to have on hand for upcoming birthdays at 75% off regular price. I am so grateful because the Lord knows all things and He knows my desire to give and save as well. You are so Mighty and awesome dear Lord!!!!

10. I have been given the privilege to participate during the church service by giving our FIC the welcome to church service and reading any announcements for the week. I remember something that a BIC testified about. He mentioned that the presence of the Lord is so tangible by the alter. I am in agreement with the brother because I know that when I stand up there whether it be to do the welcoming or give a testimony...His presence is overwhelming.

In your presence, Lord I can see the condition of my heart.
In your presence, Lord I notice my frail condition.
In your presence, Lord I know I am absolutely nothing without You.

Help me Lord, to seek Your presence.
Help me Lord, to love being in Your presence.


  1. Always so much to be thankful for!
    Tell me you're kidding about the
    price for the air fresheners!!
    His presence is overwhelming in
    the most wonderful way!

  2. Each AIr Wick was an amazing $13.99 each!
    The Lord is always on time and His mercies are new every morning...

  3. Hello dear SIC!

    I was delighted as usual to read all your beautiful blessings... the one that touched my heart was #2... enjoy each and every precious moment. I remember those times all too well with my daughter. I wish I could relive some of those again. We would go to scrapbooking classes together... such special times indeed.

    I also did a double take on the air freshner price of $83.94!! I thought that must be a price per carton or something lol!! It was obviously a typo.

    God bless you friend... have a great week / weekend.


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