Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Scripture Release

About two weeks ago my teen was presented with her book for this new semester of Bible study.

Along with my teen's new book our Co-Pastor's wife (her Sunday school teacher) gave her a CD from Scripturerelease.com.

It is an excellent resource for scripture memorization. My family has enjoyed hearing the scriptures in song especially singing along.

This is a great tool especially for the little one's to memorize God's Word so that they may store it in their hearts. It's great for adults, too:)

It is available for download here for free!

Oh, how I love your law!
I meditate on it all day long.
Your commands make me wiser than my enemies,
for they are ever with me.
Psalm 119:97,98

Monday, January 17, 2011

Counting My Blessings

1. Did some grocery shopping..it was about time. Thankful for the pack of chicken still left in the freezer but after having chicken for four days in a row...we were ready for something different:)

2. Had time alone with my teen crafting. We took a quick trip Michael's and made a banner with both of my girls names which will hang in my teen's room.

3. The daughter of a SIC arrived from Ecuador with her grandson and I pray that the Lord may continue to restore the lives of each family member.

4. Had a surprise visitor at church on Sunday. She arrived with her beautiful daughter that we didn't get to meet since she was born (she is already 3). God, may she find her way back to you!

5. Snow expected this week...and we got just about 6 inches..I think:)

6. Visited with my mom this Monday...lovely as always:) She does enjoy time with my daughters and I...and I must admit....so do I!!!

7. Took another quick trip with my sister Karen to Michael's craft store. Glue dots!

8. CVS deal for this week. These (6) Air Wick air fresheners retail at a whopping $83.94. On sale, matched with store rewards I roll over plus coupons I paid a total oop (out of pocket) $3.00 ( which $2.00 was on tax).

God is so good because prior to the sale I was speaking to my husband about getting some air fresheners for the home.

9. Target was having their semi-annual toy clearance sale and I was able to purchase some toys to have on hand for upcoming birthdays at 75% off regular price. I am so grateful because the Lord knows all things and He knows my desire to give and save as well. You are so Mighty and awesome dear Lord!!!!

10. I have been given the privilege to participate during the church service by giving our FIC the welcome to church service and reading any announcements for the week. I remember something that a BIC testified about. He mentioned that the presence of the Lord is so tangible by the alter. I am in agreement with the brother because I know that when I stand up there whether it be to do the welcoming or give a testimony...His presence is overwhelming.

In your presence, Lord I can see the condition of my heart.
In your presence, Lord I notice my frail condition.
In your presence, Lord I know I am absolutely nothing without You.

Help me Lord, to seek Your presence.
Help me Lord, to love being in Your presence.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Counting My Blessings

1. My SIL's baby belly is getting so big...can't wait to know what the Lord has blessed her with. 1 more week until we know!!!

2. Thankful for all that Holy Spirit is doing in my marriage. He is showing me areas that His precious grace will carry me through.

3. My husband's co-worker gave us a huge bag full of books. The great thing is that the books are in great condition.

4. Target clearance was great this week!!! Was able to collect all these items for Operation Christmas Child for $0.25 each!!!!

5. Received a great idea from Judy to get candy canes for the boxes. They don't expire until 2013 and they were $0.25 cents each for a box of 60:)

6. Thankful for more clearance deals at Target this week: all items pictured were less than $0.29 each!

7. Received these books totally free in the mail. Started reading Rebel With a Cause...so far so good.

8. Thankful that Bro. Harold has been regularly attending service

9. Grateful for all the patience that my teen has with me during homeschooling. Having a 17 month old baby running around I have not been able to give her 100% of my attention however, I purposed in my heart to put the baby more on a learning schedule as well to divide my time among the girls. Help me Lord!!

10. My baby girl turned 17 months this week:)...awwww

11. My baby is learning her ABC's and a few words, too!!!

12. My SIL invited us to have dinner at her home which is by the way so beautifully decorated. We had a lovely time and laughed lots!

13. I have taken a break from blogging and feel just great about it.

14. My mom had about a week off of work and I enjoyed spending just about every day with her. She is such a delight to be around. She is so giving and has a servant's spirit. Thank you Father for the loving and generous mother you have blessed me with.

15. Pampers galore.....at .09 cents each for brand name diapers that is a great bargain!

16. We had another congregation visit us for Tuesday Prayer Service and the presence of the Lord was tangible. We were interceding and the Lord does certainly answer!!! Although I was taking care of some of the babies downstairs...the presence of the Lord was so evident...I know I was blessed!

17. To give my bookshelves a more orderly look I took a great idea from here and covered cardboard boxes with scrapbooking paper to store my books. I think it came out pretty nice!

18. We are continuing evening prayer at my mom's house on Wednesday's and I have been able to see the Lord's mercy especially over my mother's life. I thank you Lord that she has opened her home so we can fellowship and pray for one another.

First Counting My Blessings post of the year...woo hoo!!! I truly enjoyed reading last year's posts and was thankful that I journaled all the lovely blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon my family and I.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Seeking His Kingdom First

May the peace of the Lord be with you all!
May the New year that has just begun be filled with more of Him and less of us!

My family and I welcomed the new year at church, and I really couldn't imagine a better place to be than in the house of God to seek His blessing for the new year that we are about to embark on.

Before arriving to service I took a moment to call my dad and was able to tell him that I loved him dearly and that my desire for him is to draw near to God this year. Our conversation was brief but nonetheless it filled my heart's desire to be able to speak to him. I was also able to speak to my older brother in Ecuador which is always so lovely to hear his loving words of encouragement for me.

The congregation was given the opportunity to testify on how we have seen the Lord's love and mercy throughout the year. There are many instances that I have seen the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ woven throughout out the year.

I shared with my FIC the amazing opportunity I was given to be able to see my dad after not seeing him a little over 10 years or so. As I started to express my gratitude I could not hold back my tears as the feeling of seeing him all over again started to flow through my mind. I was certainly grateful to the Lord to be able to see my father once again. It was a lovely reunion in which he was able to meet my husband and my daughters for the first time.

We rang in the new year praising Jesus Christ! It was an amazing service!

I have been away from blogland for a few weeks now and I enjoyed my time away. I have been meditating on the Lord and what He would have me do and say through tHis blog. And basically I want to stick to sharing what He presses upon my heart to share. I started this blog with one reader and it was such a lovely moment in time. I didn't feel the pressure to write, we just had fun with blogging and sharing experiences in Christ. Somewhere along the lines that vision became blurred. I want to return to the "ancient paths" (Jeremiah 6:16).

My desire is that all that I do bless His mighty name and bring me closer to HIM.

My husband also stepped up and shared at the New Year's Eve service that the Lord spoke to His spirit Matthew 6:33, "But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness , and all these things will be given to you as well.". I want to live out this verse for this year.

As a mother and wife I have a tremendous responsibility to be that wise women that builds up her home and trains her children in the ways of the Lord. I realize that it is not by any means a task which I can take lightly...I cannot afford to slack off.

May the desire of your heart be to seek first the Kingdom of God in this year that has already begun knowing confidently that then and only then will all other things be added to you!

Shalom beloved!