Saturday, January 8, 2011

Counting My Blessings

1. My SIL's baby belly is getting so big...can't wait to know what the Lord has blessed her with. 1 more week until we know!!!

2. Thankful for all that Holy Spirit is doing in my marriage. He is showing me areas that His precious grace will carry me through.

3. My husband's co-worker gave us a huge bag full of books. The great thing is that the books are in great condition.

4. Target clearance was great this week!!! Was able to collect all these items for Operation Christmas Child for $0.25 each!!!!

5. Received a great idea from Judy to get candy canes for the boxes. They don't expire until 2013 and they were $0.25 cents each for a box of 60:)

6. Thankful for more clearance deals at Target this week: all items pictured were less than $0.29 each!

7. Received these books totally free in the mail. Started reading Rebel With a far so good.

8. Thankful that Bro. Harold has been regularly attending service

9. Grateful for all the patience that my teen has with me during homeschooling. Having a 17 month old baby running around I have not been able to give her 100% of my attention however, I purposed in my heart to put the baby more on a learning schedule as well to divide my time among the girls. Help me Lord!!

10. My baby girl turned 17 months this week:)...awwww

11. My baby is learning her ABC's and a few words, too!!!

12. My SIL invited us to have dinner at her home which is by the way so beautifully decorated. We had a lovely time and laughed lots!

13. I have taken a break from blogging and feel just great about it.

14. My mom had about a week off of work and I enjoyed spending just about every day with her. She is such a delight to be around. She is so giving and has a servant's spirit. Thank you Father for the loving and generous mother you have blessed me with.

15. Pampers .09 cents each for brand name diapers that is a great bargain!

16. We had another congregation visit us for Tuesday Prayer Service and the presence of the Lord was tangible. We were interceding and the Lord does certainly answer!!! Although I was taking care of some of the babies downstairs...the presence of the Lord was so evident...I know I was blessed!

17. To give my bookshelves a more orderly look I took a great idea from here and covered cardboard boxes with scrapbooking paper to store my books. I think it came out pretty nice!

18. We are continuing evening prayer at my mom's house on Wednesday's and I have been able to see the Lord's mercy especially over my mother's life. I thank you Lord that she has opened her home so we can fellowship and pray for one another.

First Counting My Blessings post of the year...woo hoo!!! I truly enjoyed reading last year's posts and was thankful that I journaled all the lovely blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon my family and I.


  1. Beautiful blessings, Sydney. I'm always so uplifted when I read these posts of yours.

    Rebel with a Cause is a good book. .29 cent deals are amazing! And I'm happy to hear about the prayer meetings blessing all of you. God is good.

    Have a very blessed new year.

  2. You have so much to be thankful
    for! I enjoyed reading your list.
    I also love to go back and read
    my lists over and remember all
    the times and ways the Lord
    has been blessing my family and
    me. God is so good!

  3. You have been blessed this week for sure. All those items you picked up at bargain price are excellent, it is amazing what you can find when you look. Covering the boxes with the pretty paper is great and you can change it with something else later.

    Have a blessed week dear bloggy friend

  4. Such spiritual and physical wonderful thankfulness. The sales this time of year are great...I am going to try to save so next year I can take advantage of them. Your family prayer...just priceless. The books..all of them, how great. Totally understand the distractions with young ones during is hard, but the older ones always seem to survive fine.
    Blessings on your blog break.


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