Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Counting My Blessings

1. Thankful to be able to recognize the Lord's hand in our finances. You are our provider!

2. Went upstate to Woodbury Commons outlet mall and invited my mom to come along with us.
It was extremely cold but we were able to get some great deals on clothing at the Children's Place.

3. The Lord pressed upon my mother's heart to give my husband new work boots. They are the warmest boots my husband mentioned to me. He is very thankful to the Lord, YOU are always on time!

4. Enjoying my sewing machine. These past two weeks I have been able to sew my baby about 3 skirts and even sewed matching skirts for the girls. They looked adorable:)

5. My SIL went for her first sonogram and we got to see pictures of her baby. I could clearly see his little hands...awww!!

6. The Lord has been ministering me on my relationships with certain people. It's all about You, Jesus and not about me!

7. A BIC and his baby celebrated birthdays this past week. May the Lord continue to bless them in abundance and may the fear of the Lord never depart from their lives.

8. Another little SIC celebrated her 2nd birthday this week. God, may the desire of her heart be to always serve You and follow in Your footsteps.

9. The past two weeks have been great coupon using weeks. I am so thankful Lord!!!

10. My husband has been on vacation this week and we have been enjoying this time together. The girls have enjoyed having daddy home. My husband was able to dedicate time in prayer and fasting as well.

11. This week has been especially cold here in NYC. Thankfully since my husband has been home I was able to run errands without having to take the baby outside. My teen enjoyed seeing the sights and holiday displays over at 34th Street in Manhattan.

12. We had another awesome vigil. We had two neighboring churches visit and share the Word of God with us. One of the churches made 100 tamales for us!!! They were delicious. One brother even praised the Lord with his accordion which sounded awesome!!!

13. My husband had some issues with his debit card and we were able to resolve the issue fairly quick and pain free:)

14. My husband is so grateful that he was asked to lead the praise and worship on Thursday's service.

And My God will supply all your needs according to
His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

~ Philippians 4: 19


  1. Sis I rejoice on your blessings and isn't it awesome to have the hubbys at home. It was my first time eating tamales and I like the name Alex chose for them better "ta-buenos"=0)

    Sis I have slacked so much having a sewing machine and the farthest I have gone is learning to thread it, I almost made a cloth diaper and gave up on it mid-way. Any tips will be helpful.

    Enjoy your new hobby. Blessings,

  2. Blessings sis,

    I started small and simple since I didn't want to get overwhelmed doing a rather large project. I started with making skirts since they are for the baby and on a small scale. Make something for your little princess:) I am sure she would think it fun wearing something mommy handmade for her!!!

  3. I really enjoy reading these, Sydney. It's so important to be purposeful in being thankful. :)

  4. Thank you for sharing your blessings. What lovely skirts you have made, their new owner must be thrilled. I need to think far more often of the blessings I receive each day.

  5. Always enjoy reading these, Sydney. God is so good and your heart for Him is precious. Thanks for sharing and wishing you and your loved ones a very blessed Christmas.

  6. Oh my husband was a worship leader for years! Oh I would love to see NYC this time of year..one of those things on my bucket list.
    Yea for the boots! Yea for the coupons...God's economy is such much better than ours. Yea for a week off...that is just wonderful, what a true blessing!!
    Blessings on the New Year and all the blessings God has in store for you!!

  7. Hi my sweet precious sister, Sydney!

    I am so thankful to read all the wonderful blessings HE has bestowed on your life recently. I have been absent from blog land except to post a few short posts but always, always are you in my thoughts and heart.

    I am rejoicing with you dear sister and I know His blessings will continue to pursue you throughout 2011!

    Blessings to you and your family xxx


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