Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Card Memories

I have fond childhood memories of Christmas cards. I remember my mom displaying them so beautifully in different areas of our home. I would read all the lovely messages that were written with love to my family over and over again. I remember admiring the cards with the gold embossed letters and beautiful pictures twinkling at night. The cards with the embossing were my favorite.

Our family has not had a Holiday card done, yet. I am so excited that this year we will be doing Christmas photo cards. The hardest part will be which family picture and design to choose.

Shutterfly offers a wide array of items to commemorate the 2010 Holiday season from canvas art to Christmas cards.

Are you deciding whether or not to do holiday cards this year? Shutterfly is sure making that decision easier by providing bloggers with 50 free Holiday cards by simply signing up here!

Shutterfly is well known for quality print products and I look forward to receiving my photo cards!


  1. Thanks for this info, Sydney. I
    still haven't decided if this will
    be the first year we will not do
    cards. I send out so many to
    unsaved family and never receive
    back, so I don't know. It's so
    expensive now. Anyway, I have
    wonderful childhood memories too
    of the way my mom decorated with
    all the cards.
    Have a blessed day in Him.

  2. I love Shutterfly and use them for our own family web site, it has a calendar, and allows keeps me in touch with my adult to find a time to have all 9 of us together for a photo..and after cast boy gets his cast off!
    Have fun!!

  3. Ooh, that sounds like a great deal. I love Christmas cards and all the memories with them. This took me back. My mom used to make a Christmas tree shape with ribbon or garland on a wall and she'd place all the cards inside of it or hang them from an archway we had in our home. Oh my, Sydney, such a simple memory bringing me so much joy. Thank you.


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