Friday, November 19, 2010

Counting My Blessings

1. Visited my SIL's home this past Saturday. She prepared a delicious meal for us (chicken soup, rice, salad, tortillas, beans and cheese). We were able to share of Jesus' love with her husband and his cousin. Praying that the Lord works a miracle in their hearts.

2. Headed out to Target with my girls and my mom. We were both able to get some grocery items at a good price. Also purchased yo-yo's for the OCC boxes.

3. My daughter and I packed up some of the boxes that we will be dropping off this year. It is our desire that each child may feel the love of Jesus Christ as they unwrap what He has prepared for them.

4. My mom prepared dinner for my family and my sister's family Monday evening. She made a yummy spaghetti and chicken dinner. It is one of my fav's!

5. My SIL went for her first prenatal visit and glad to hear that mom and baby are well. She is due mid-May:)

6. Headed out to the library to do homeschooling there. My teen completed her studies for the day and I had a lovely time reading books to my baby. Bumped into my sister with her two girls there. Karen is just to funny:)

7. Prayer at my mom's house again this week was a blessing. Thank you Lord, for that specific prayer!

8. My teen and I prepared our first ever apple pie. Although, I did not make the crust from scratch this time I certainly want to try to do so. My husband really enjoyed it...Glory to God!!

Sliced apples

Teen kneading dough

Apple mix with sugar, flour and cinnamon

Ready to go into the oven

Done and ready to eat:)

9. Michelle's husband John preached this Thursday on Joshua 7. May we love each other enough to bring correction!

10. Thankful for all the love and understanding that the Lord is weaving throughout my marriage.

11. Crocheted a beret for my sister. I hope it fits:)

12. Had an interesting conversation with a SIC and I hope that the Lord breaks all chains to the past that do not bring her closer to HIM.

Moses summoned all Israel and said to them,
"Israel, listen to the statutes and ordinances
I am proclaiming as you hear them today.
Learn and follow them carefully."

~ Deuteronomy 5:1


  1. What awesome thanks...God is faithful and His abundance are overflowing...wonderful pie, how fun!

  2. What a wonderful list of blessings
    from God! And it sounds like a lot
    of fun thrown in, too! I would love
    to have a daughter to bake with...
    so sweet. ;)

  3. It was very good, Wanda!
    I was so excited that my daughter and I will be trying to make it again for Thanksgiving:)

    Thanks for stopping by Wanda, Shalom!!!

  4. Enjoyed reading your wonderful blessings Sydney! I am always in awe of the Lord and His faithfulness!

    God bless you darling...


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