Monday, November 15, 2010

Counting My Blessings

A few days late posting my CYB's. This is for week Nov. 7th - Nov 12th.

1. Going to BJ's a few weeks back I lost my baby girl's shoe.

So this weekend we headed out to find a replacement. This is what we bought for her:)

2. A beloved brother and his wife stopped by and visited the church on Sunday. He gave a word of love and encouragement to the congregation from the LORD!

3. Enjoyed a lovely Saturday afternoon at home. We stood home and lounged about.

4. Rite Aid deals...I am totally thankful for what I was able to get this week!
More for my boxes:)

5. Farmer's market this week proved to be just lovely. Got some fresh onions and lots of carrots (carrot bread?).

6. My teen surprised me with breakfast this week. She prepared for me peanut butter and chocolate chip pancakes (weird sounding...but oh so good!), scrambled eggs and sausage. It was so thoughtful of her. Thank you my love!!!

7. My husband was able to go over to my mom's house and meet up with my sister and her husband for prayer. It was such a blessing for him...Praise the Lord! (My baby fell asleep and we decided no need for both of us to stay home. So he went over and brought the blessing home:)

8. My teen helped out with chores around the house this week. She is such a great helper of mine:)

9. My SIL and my BIL celebrated there Earthday's this week!!! Woo hooooo!!!

10. Received some great freebies in the mail this week including a full pack of gum and the tiniest bottle of olive oil:)

11. My husband is such a dear. His boss discards the coupon inserts that come in his newspapers and my husband always keep a look out for them and asks his boss for them. Thank you for the sweet gesture, my love:)

12. So thankful that the Lord's precious Holy Spirit is ministering the life of a young boy. Along with his mother and 9 yr. old sister they just started attending our church.

13. Made two batches of sofrito (spanish marinade consisting of onions, peppers, garlic and any type of herb you want to include. All ingredients get blended in the blender.)this week. Tried it out on steak tacos I made on Friday and it sure gave a delicious taste to the steak:)

Peace and joy my bloggy friends.
May you have a blessed week in HIM!!!!


  1. I love your list of gratefulness...and especially the times of prayer with others. The boots are just adorable.
    Have a blessed week.

  2. Love your lists, Sydney. Do you ever get called Syd? Juat wondered as I was typing that.

    Love all the details you write when you count your blessings. We truly have so much to be thankful for.

    Those boots are made for walking, the carrot cake sounds delish, and the sofrito totally familiar. My favorite is the p/b and chocolate pancakes because I just looooovveee breakfast. Next time, save some for me. Yum! =D Have a beautiful Monday.

  3. Love, love, love your sweet list,
    Sydney. I remember days of tiny
    shoes and boots. I am so thankful
    for those the Lord brings to our
    lives who give words of encourage-
    ment. And what a dear daughter you
    have to make breakfast and help
    around the house.
    Sweet blessings,

  4. O.H. I get called Syd all the time:)

    Sandy, I am grateful that the Lord has allowed me to re-live those tiny shoe and boot moments. I like how you worded that:)

    Thanks for the beautiful blessings my sweet sisters.
    I receive them in the name of Jesus.

  5. Such wonderful blessings my dear friend! I love those little boots too, they are so cute!

    I am glad to hear of the wonderful prayer times you husband is getting into... what a blessing my darling :D

  6. First of all, don't know how I wasn't already a follower and second of all, the olive oil is adorable and I wish I had the Rachael Ray mag- you got it free!?!

  7. What a lovely list, so many thing to be thankful for. And what cool boots!

  8. Sydney, I just stopped by briefly to let you know that your comment over at my Heart of a Mother post kept ringing in my ear/spirit ALL through the entire night as I slept. It actually woke me up a few times. Wanted to write you about it but I see you have no email posted. Feel free to write me at . Blessings!

  9. Thanks for your precious comments on my blog...I totally agree with you. I have loved being a stay at home mom for the past 27 years...our challenges have come when our children were older...which is I would say, ages 19-24 has been hard as they spread their wings and sometimes...fall.
    I wouldn't change anything...but there are times when parenting adult children has been really hard and painful...but God isn't finished yet...and His promises are true, and I hang on to that!!

  10. Amen, Janette!

    My girls are still very young and as I cover them in prayer I have to have the conviction that the Word that has been sown in them will NOT return void!

    My desire is that the Lord will continue to give you grace and shower His favor upon you to be able to press on my dear sister!

    I thank the Lord that we are not in this alone. The Lord certainly loves my children more than I ever could and they are in His hands!

  11. Sis peace and blessings from our beloved Savior. The boots for Geni are just too adorable. Kianna is such a great helper. I pray that the Lord continues to impart blessings to you and your household.

    In love,


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