Saturday, November 6, 2010

Counting My Blessings

1. Saturday we ventured out to visit Masker's Orchard located in Upstate NY. What a day! I have never been apple picking and I had such a great time. My sister and her family joined us which is always a blessing when we spend time together.

Driving up the mountain was so beautiful.
I didn't even mind when we got lost:)

The orchard even had a small petting zoo.
They had chickens, rabbits, and this lil guy.
Isn't he cute?

My teen enjoyed her pony ride on Strawberry!


Can you tell my husband was excited about picking apples?

My 15 mo. old baby girl grabbing a souvenir

After pony rides and a lot of picture taking...finally the apples!

We had a lot of apples to take home...this is just what's left
after I made bread, muffins, sauce!

Oh! and Sunday this is what topped our homemade pancakes...apples:)

2. My camera gave up on me. However, thankful that my sister took many pictures of us enjoying the orchard.

3. Driving back we all stopped by my sister's in-laws for a visit. My BIL's mother had a delicious dinner waiting for us complete with dessert, johnny cakes and coffee. She even blessed us with some johnny cakes to take home!

4. To top off the visit Michelle was there with her family as well!!

5. Was busy making apple muffins, bread, and sauce out of all the beautiful and ripe apples that we picked. My teen was so excited to taste the muffins. Praise the Lord, she said they were really yummy:)

6. Monday my mom invited us over for dinner. She is such a great hostess.

7. CVS run was a blessing. Was able to pick this up for a total oop (out of pocket) expense of $1.65!

8. Wednesday night my sister and her family came over for a prayer session. The comfort of Holy Spirit was present. Thank you, Lord for orchestrating that lovely surprise gathering in your name.

9. Thursday night our Co-Pastor preached a message of hope that was so refreshing to my soul. Thank you know I needed that Word. I will wait on you..your timing is perfect!

For the vision is yet for the appointed time;
it testifies about the end and will not lie.
Though it delays, wait for it,
since it will certainly come and not be late.

Habakkuk 2:3

10. Stopped at Target for an impromptu visit and purchased some items for OCC gift boxes and coffee creamer for $0.50 cents a bottle!!! French favorite:)

11. My BIL had work to finish up at church Friday evening and my husband hitched a ride with him to spend some alone time in prayer. Thank you for depositing the desire to seek you, Lord. You are his all.


  1. Sydney, this list made me smile! How
    wonderful to go apple picking, and
    they look delicious! I love anything
    made with apples.The picture of your
    husband jumping is so funny and cute!
    The good prices on things you need
    from the store, all these truly gifts
    from the Lord. I love giving Him
    thanks for any and every blessing,
    big and small.
    Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  2. Wow, the food/cooking sounds delicious over your way!

    Loved your photos... you are so lovely, inside and out :)

  3. Loved your photos. We have yet to go apple picking. Hope to do so soon. We have hundreds of orchards nearby, so we just need to go. It's so much fun.

    Have a blessed week. ;-)

  4. These pictures are great! I especially like the one with your husband jumping. :) You are certainly blessed, and I think it's wonderful that you continually reflect upon and write about your blessings.

  5. Sydney, I loved that scripture you left for me today, thank you!! Will go and soak it all up...

    Bless you dear friend xxx

  6. What a great time...and apples!!!
    I was so blessed by the sister and family coming for prayer...I am really trying to have our family pray more together, it seems the enemy so hates that and my adult kids start acting funny...I must push in.
    Your savings are always encouraging to me.
    Love you list...what a blessing to all to see your thankful heart.


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