Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Breaking Free: Tearing Down the High Places

Your enemies will cower before you,
and you will trample down their high places.
Deuteronomy 33:29

As I read this chapter the Lord just reminded me of a quote I heard from Pastor Sarah Utterbach. She said,"My present confession will be my future habitation." What a jewel of a quote.

In the back of the book Beth Moore has listed discussion questions for each chapter of the book. This week I will focus on one of those questions listed.

1. How can unforgiveness cause a person to become an idol?

Anything that we place above God in our thoughts is an idol. Beth makes a great point by mentioning that for example, "If we don't surrender our minds to Christ, the loss of a loved one can take us from appropriate grief and mourning, to a lifetime of agonizing captivity.".

I thank the Lord that I have not had to grieve over the passing of a loved one but can relate to what she states about grieving and mourning appropriately.

When I first received Christ I was battling with events that occurred over the course of my life. I would relive those moments in my mind and cry out in sheer agony asking why those horrible things had to happen to me. I would be in church enjoying my time hearing the Word and fellowshipping with my new found family. However, once I got home and the still and quietness surrounded me, I was tormented by thoughts that I felt I couldn't control. As time passed, I became comfortable carrying around my hurts and sorrows. I battled with depression and would isolate myself because the enemy had deceived me into thinking that no one would possibly understand my troubled heart (depression is a generational curse that operated in the women of my family. I thank the Lord that He has given me the authority to break all generational curses in the name of Jesus). There were unresolved hurts in my life that I HAD to ask the Lord to heal and to help me get over them.

As the loving and caring Father that He is, He did! He showed me that I had unforgiveness in my heart towards certain people and therefore I had created a high place/alter for them in my mind and life. I had elevated them to a position that only God deserved to have. I was holding on to these individuals as well as holding on to what they did to me. He showed me how to "mourn" over the situation by allowing the healing balm of the Holy Spirit to cover and heal my wounds. He would constantly remind me that it was all over and that HE was in my life now. He would work out my past for my present good. I could surrender my hurt to HIM and He would heal. And heal He did!

Through honesty (admitting that I was hurting, that I was angry, resentful) and confessing all sin I was healed. I am thankful for my Pastor and the elders of my church who have lovingly dedicated time to hear me out and pray with me. I am thankful that the Lord has surrounded me with men and women of God who stood in agreement with me for my deliverance.

Thank you Lord, for those who are willing to stand in the gap.

If there are hurts from the past, certain events or people that consume your thoughts or that you remember from time to time and still feel hurt, guilt, resentment, hate...seek help.

The Lord has come to give us life and that we may have it in abundance. Living with tormenting thoughts is not living out that abundant life.

In my walk with the Lord I have learned that reading and studying the Word of God will only be effective in my life if I decide to believe what it says and live it out.

Be blessed precious ones.

"Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven."
Luke 6:37


  1. I thought I left a comment here...I know I read this...Praise God!!! I need to go back and reread this book again...it has been a long time and so much has happened since I read it.
    Yes pictures allow us to go back and relive all those moments...I have two albums full of just Christmas pictures that I put out at this time...the 27 year old down just laugh...and now a spouse and girlfriends join it...how much fun! It also allows the four year old to see his siblings at his age.

    Again...Praise God for this post and such words of wisdom...He has given you such a wonderful ministry to others

  2. Great post, Sydney. I love that quote by Sarah Utterbach. I clicked your google follow again because I've been doing so much house cleaning on my page that I may have deleted some mistakenly. So good to visit here.

    Much love.


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