Saturday, November 20, 2010

Boxes are Done and Delivered!

Last night my daughter and I finished up packing up the last few boxes for Operation Christmas Child. As we packed, we talked about God's love and His divine providence. His mercy has overwhelmed our hearts.

I truly feel thankful to be able to participate hoping that these boxes touch the lives and hearts of the children who will be receiving them.

My teen included a fun fact sheet about the family, a gospel tract and a picture of us 4!

Boxes ready to be delivered!

Earlier this afternoon we stopped by a local collection site. The lady testified on how the goal was to collect 350 boxes and they have collected 733 so far! She was so thankful to see how the Lord exceeded her expectations for providing boxes to ship overseas.

Glory to GOD!

Please watch this video and see the joy ONE box has given this young boy!


  1. It has been so wonderful to see this ministry grow through all the years...I can recount the first year I did these with my adults...I just love it every year.
    Blessings to you all for sending boxes!

  2. It is always so much fun to
    collect the things for the
    boxes for the children. God
    has really blessed this ministry.

  3. What a valuable lesson you are teaching your daughter! Praise God for the response of people to pack these boxes. It's a wonderful ministry of love.

    Blessings and love,

  4. I loved making these boxes when I was a kid! I should find an organization in my area... thanks for reminding me~!

  5. What a true blessing for the little ones!

  6. Thank you ladies for stopping by.

    Wanda, a real treat to see you here:)
    I pray that the Lord may continue to bless you with His never ending love.

  7. What a blessing this will be Sydney!! You and your family are such a blessing to give from your abundance to those in need...

    Hugs to you my dear friend xxx

  8. Our church participates in the Operation Christmas Child shoebox collection, also. It's always so amazing to me how many shoeboxes we send off. Every time I watch one of those video clips, I just can't imagine what that must be like for one of those precious children to receive a shoebox for Christmas. What a blessing to be able to participate!

  9. The children who receive these will be ver the moon. It is wonderful that there are people like you doing this and teaching their children to do good,

    God bless


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