Monday, October 25, 2010

Counting My Blessings

1. I was able to get some great deals this week on baby wipes for my baby. God divine providence is breath taking. As I noticed that my supply is running low, there was a sale on Amazon and I was able to get over 600 wipes for $11.00 minus a $5.00 amazon gift card I received using some of my swagbucks. Great!

2. My SIL is having her first baby! She is so petite and I am excited to see her belly once she gets further along in her pregnancy!! She is due sometime in May.

3. Received some goodies from Operation Christmas Child!

4. My daughter and I are really enjoying Kay Arthur's "Teach Me Your Ways - Pentateuch" bible study.

5. Holy Spirit has really been ministering my marriage. I am so grateful how in God's infinite mercy He addresses what's most important in our lives...HIM!

6. My BIL preached on Thursday's service. The message from the Lord is that He is seeking faithfulness. He wants His body to choose HIM above it all. If there are idols in our lives..we must destroy any and all altars and put HIM first!

7. I had such a fun time with my teen while we created polymer cupcakes. She handed them out to some of her little SIC as gifts. They really liked the cupcakes:)

8. Thankful that Holy Spirit guides us to all truth. If we seek we shall find!

9. I received in the mail a gift from afar. My heart's desire is that the sender may receive her recompense from above. To God be the glory!

(We were so excited to open up and see the goodies inside)

(WOW! We were in awe to see the bountiful blessings that were included!)

10. My husband spent time alone in prayer this weekend. He testified on how the Lord glorified himself and I was blessed through his ultimate obedience to God's promptings.


  1. Sydney, you have such a grateful heart. I love it. You count your blessings and just reading them blesses mine.

    Blessings and love to you,

    PS. I keep seeing people using Swagbucks. Do you really save with them?

  2. I love them all, but #6 spoke to me... I believe that what your BIL preached is a word in season!

    How special and eternally beneficial for you and your teen to study together, the Word of God. The age group she is in now, is such an important time... you are sowing the best Seed!!

    Love to hear and witness the wonderful things He is doing in your marriage, your family, your life. You ARE BLESSED! :D

  3. Debbie,
    By downloading the toolbar (not neccessary but I like it to remind me to use the swag toolbar) I just type in my normal searches and randomly I am awarded swagbucks. On their website they have a list of prizes you can redeem. Once I accumulate 450 swagbucks I cash it in for a $5.00 egift card to Amazon. So far, I have accumulated over $50.00 in gift cards. Definitely worth it!

    In my post I have linked it to my referral page if interested:)

    Amanda, you always encourage me and put a sincere smile on my face when I read your comments to me. Thank you for it ALL!!!!

    BTW...How is your sister?

  4. Sydney, my sister will be fine I am sure... she seems a little more cheery again. Thank you so much for asking...

  5. It would be wonderful if more people saw joy, as you do, in the small things, such as finding a bargain. It would make for a happier world. What a wonderful parcel to receive, I am sure it will give you all hours of fun and enjoyable.

  6. Hi Sydney,
    Guess you know I am a writer of lists
    of thanks and joy. I am telling you
    the absolute truth when I say that
    it has changed my life to open my
    eyes and see all the Lord has given
    me. Just by keeping a record of my
    blessings I continue to see more
    and more of His goodness.
    Your list of thankfulness is also

  7. Great blessings, Sydney, and a grateful heart to go with them.

    The idols--oh boy--we often think they are the obvious ones but there are hidden ones in our hearts not even visible to ourselves--like our very own children. Painful process bringing those altars down.

    Thank you for stopping by. Wow! I was surprised someone knew of the coffee strainers. Love it. And agree that our obedience is proof of our love--always mindful that the one giving us the desires and capacity to obey is Christ. What a full circle God is, huh. I love Him so. Blessings!

  8. What a great so prompts my thinking also and prompts gratefulness. I enjoyed number 6...God has been speaking to me about that area...good confirmation.

    This goes with my son and my prayer this morning just thanking Him for even the roof over our head and beds.

    Blessings...enjoyed sharing your heart of gratitude!

  9. Thank you, ladies for stopping by.

    My sister who motivated me to begin blogging actually came up with the concept of us "Counting our Blessings" here as a way to show our gratitude and to partake in eachothers lives.

    Praise be to God for His children who recognize HIM in it ALL.

    One Heart...def. anything can very well become an idol in our lives. The key is to detect, confess and repent. Thank you Jesus that in You there is hope!


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