Friday, October 15, 2010

Counting My Blessings

1. My husband and teen were able to go with our church street evangelizing. My daughter was able to preach to a few young women and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. My husband prayed for a young man who had reconciled his life to the Lord and I am praying that the Word that was deposited in him will not return void and will produce permanent fruit!

2. Afterwards, my daughter and husband enjoyed pizza together and enjoyed sharing their experiences of witnessing the Word.

3. A beloved brother in Christ and his wife paid a surprise visit to us on Sunday. We were able to have such a spirit lead conversation before service started. The real surprise is that he didn't have plans to preach that afternoon but God's thoughts are higher than ours...praise the LORD! The Lord used him in a mighty way for His glory!!

4. A SIC had a sonogram on Monday and she is having baby BOY...number #3!!!! Her precious daughter is the eldest and she as two little brothers and brother #3 is on the way!!!

5. My mom had us over for dinner and the food was great! She served a typical Ecuadorian dish which always reminds me of summers as a child.

6. In prayer this week with my husband Holy Spirit ministered to both our hearts and brought about much healing. I can say that praying with my husband is such a blessing. Through praying together the Lord reveals so much of our hearts to each other and brings about all that is necessary to draw us closer to each other and to God. Thank you, Lord for the power that breaks forth when I pray with my husband.

7. My Rite Aid trip this week was a blessing. Was able to get some goodies for just about everyone in the family! After coupons and store reward discounts my total out of pocket expense was..drum roll please!!!....$1.66 cents for everything you see pictured!!! And the blessing doesn't stop there, I will be receiving a rebate check in the amount of $6.00 and also $6.00 in Rite Aid rewards printed out to use on a future purchase!!!

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8. My sister and I took a stroll on this chilly afternoon and it sure was a delight! The girls really enjoy titi time:)

9. My husband and I, took some time to receive counsel from our Co-Pastor and his wife. We talked, laughed and prayed. I am thankful for the leaders the Lord has lifted up at my church. What a blessing to see just how giving and loving our Co-pastor and his family are.

10. In my mailbox this week: These freebies!!

Samples of individual coffee sticks. Six came in the sample pack! The coffee is really very delicious.

The food magazine has some yummy recipes that I may try out this year for our holiday dinners:)

11. I also received the Parent's magazine which was an enormous blessing because in it there is an Amazon coupon for 20% off diapers which I can get a box of about 156 Pampers brand pampers for about .10 each which is a bargain!!! Thank you sweet Jesus!

12. I am certainly enjoying the cooler weather.

13. Blessed to meet through the blogosphere, woman who have a passion for living for Christ!
May God continue to bless each and everyone of them:)

14. Pastor has preached this week a message which touched the hearts of many of us and it was a confirmation to what many of us had in our hearts! God is so EXACT!!!

15. Through the Breaking Free study I have been able to put in practice what I have been reading and I thank the Lord for the grace to be able to endure:)

Surely the righteous will praise Your name;
The upright will live in your presence.

Psalm 140: 13


  1. oh Sydney, what a beautiful bunch of blessings! I loved each and every one...

    was touched by the testimony of praying together with your husband. I feel the sweet love and unity, through your post, that the Lord is building. That is so amazing and precious!

    I am intrigued by this coupon thing a lot of your Americans blog about. I wish we had that sort of thing here! There are a few minor things like that around, but it is not such a big thing here. As we do so many things that the USA does, perhaps it will filter over here in time.

    Well, I certainly was blessed to read all your blessings... thank you Jesus!

  2. Sydney, how wonderful that you were able to share Christ with others. It sounds like a wonderful time of year; the fall season in NY. I grew up on Long Island and I kind of miss the changing seasons. You have such a heart for God and I love that about you.

    blessings and love,

  3. What an abundance of God's blessings!
    It brought a smile to my face just
    reading of them. I love it when I
    see others realizing that it is
    the Lord who is the giver of all
    good things, regardless of how
    small we might think they are.
    It always brightens my day when
    I shop with coupons and know I
    have saved so much money.
    Blessings to you and yours!

  4. I am also interested in the coupons that you all seem to use when you go shopping. Like Amanda, we don't have this sort of thing in Australia. When I go shopping it isn't possible to get any discounts unless the prices have been discounted.

    It must be such a blessing to have a husband that shared your faith, sadly I don't, however the Lord is teaching me to cope with this and to learn through His grace to become a better stronger person.

  5. What wonderful blessings! Doesn't it do our spirits and hearts well when we focus on His goodness? Oh, loved the Break Free study!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. I am blessed that the Lord has revealed couponing to me. In the last year I have yet to pay full price for personal toiletry items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, bodywash, and deodorant!

    Blessings to you all.

  7. Love this post- it made me smile =).


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