Friday, October 8, 2010

Counting My Blessings

1. My teen and I headed to Old Navy where we were able to get an adorable jacket for my baby at an amazing price. The original price was $26.50 it was on clearance for 50% off of an already reduced price of $13.99 and on top of that I used a coupon which brought the down the price of the coat to $5.23.

(oops did not adjust date settings on camera)

2. I am truly rejoicing that by the Lord's mercy He has opened my eyes to "frugal" shopping. I shop conscience of the price of items, current sales and any coupons that may available to get a considerable reduction in my out of pocket costs. Thank you sweet Jesus...because it is my desire to be a good steward of what the Lord has so graciously put in my care.

3. My husband had the day off this Monday. He was able to stay with the baby while I made a quick trip to the post office and mail off a check that was time sensitive and was glad to notice today that the company received the payment!

4. A brother in Christ (who I was so pleasantly surprised) brought the Word at Thursday night's service (Deut. 30: 11-14). The Lord favored him with such grace to teach the Word and convey the message the Lord had for us that evening. May our sacrifices Lord, be pleasing to Your sight!

5. Michelle will be finding out the sex of her baby this coming Monday. We are all super excited for her and meeting baby #4!!!!

6. The Lord has been ministering my heart regarding Proverbs 13:24 " The one who will not use the rod hates his son, but the one who loves him disciplines him diligently.". In my Spanish bible the word for discipline translated means corrects. I want to correct and have a heart to receive correction.

7. My mom is such a loving a giving woman. I enjoy sitting back and watching all that the Lord has done for her, in her and through her.

8. The youngest one of my mom's girls, my younger sis celebrated another earthday TODAY!!!
My mom found one of her kindergarten notebooks which contained her writings of the alphabet and her name. She was filled with such appreciation for my mom who held onto this notebook for over 25 yrs.

I pray that the Lord, who made her in secret and has all her days written in His book, who knows her and understands her heart may bless her with the petitions of her heart according to His perfect will. God continue to pour Your love out on her.

Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

9. I have been asked to do a month long participation during church services which I was so happy to agree to. I will be bringing a Word that is read to the congregation form the book of Psalms. I pray that it be the Lord using me to bring the specific Word that He wants to give His chosen!

10. Glad to hear that my brother who is Ecuador is doing well and so is my grandmother who's health is great!

11. I purchased this frame about three years ago and knew exactly what picture I wanted it for (my wedding photo). Time came and went and the frame stood bare,

God had other plans for the frame and it included this painting. This painting is very dear to my heart. I have had it for over 20 years now.

This frame will now house the picture my father painted.

Search me, God, and know my heart;
test me and know my concerns.
See if there is any offensive way in me;
lead me in the everlasting way.

Psalm 139: 23-24


  1. Sydney, that little jacket is soooo cute! What a bargain! I too like to shop frugally... right down to our grocery shopping. It is amazing how He shows us His favour by bringing good deals before us.

    I know you will bring an anointed word to your Church. You have so much to share, and you always do, with wisdom and grace. I am excited to hear of this opportunity for you to share the treasure the Lord has deposited in your heart. I know your Church will be blessed!

    What a special painting... It looks great in that frame too...

  2. I am surprised that painting lasted as long as it did. As a teenager I moved around quite a bit. Many of my belongings were lost in the shuffle but one thing I held onto was that painting. It is beautiful to me.

    May God continue to bless you and enjoy the rest of your weekend in HIM!

  3. Sydney, I LOVE your new look!! Did you do this yourself?? It is amazing... and your button works just beautifully this time...

  4. Praise the Lord!!! I am glad you like it. I did design the header and the button...well I didn't actually do it myself...must give credit to the Holy Spirit for His help, creativity and guidance.

  5. I am so impressed, that you did it yourself (with His help)!!

    How did you learn to do this? I would love to learn myself...

  6. Hi, come over from Amanda's blog, nice to meet you. I rarely buy clothes at full price any more. With so many sales it is easy to find clothes on sale, even at the start of a season. I also use ebay to buy skirts, as a I like to wear long skirts and they are to find, and I can pick up new clothes for a fraction of the price.

    You are quite right, the Lord is a wonderful provider.

  7. Amanda...
    I went over to and chose a template that I liked. I purchased a digital scrapbook kit although there are free ones also available. I played around with the html codes to incorporate the papers (main blogger background) for the blog.

    On powerpoint I created the header with the elements from the scrapbook kit. Most people use photoshop but I do not have that program.


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