Saturday, October 2, 2010

Counting My Blessings

1. My teen and I made a quick run to BJ's for milk and some groceries my mom wanted and off to Target and got a great deal on socks:) about .48 cents a pair! My husband and baby stayed home and napped....awwwww;

2. My mom made a yummy pepper steak on Saturday and invited my sister and I over. We always have such a lovely time when we are all together. Me and Karen enjoyed some good ol' laughs;

3. I ordered new bibles for my teen and I which have arrived. We will be starting a new bible study and I am really excited about it. My desire is that we may both be edified in the truth of God's Word and that His love may continue to draw us nearer to HIM!

4. Went to Rite Aid and didn't expect to get the savings I did. Thank you Jesus for the nice surprise. I paid about $5.00 for all that is pictures below (which is alot for my out of pocket costs) and I received $20.00 in rewards to use on my next shopping trip! I stock up on toothpaste for our boxes which I will be doing a separate post soon!

5. Karen and I went to Target while my mom stayed with our girls and we were able to buy some great toys, etc. again....for our boxes!

6. Invited my mom, sis and her family to dinner Monday night...we had baked chicken, rice, beans, and sweet plantains.

7. My husband will be putting up some shelves in the bathroom which I can't wait to see how it turns out. He was able to get all the materials free! Thank you Jesus!

8. Ordered two free 8x10 collage for each of my girls. My teen picked a pretty pink border and am excited to see how they turn out.

9. I was featured at Land of the Misfit Toys which was so sweet of Michelle. I had a stash of ribbon which she actually inspired me to do something with them....I will be making some hair bows for my girls and some to give away....Thanks again for the inspiration!

10. Old Navy has a 50% of all clearance items and I was able to buy my baby these adorable shoes for $2.05 each!!! God is always on time, my husband and I were looking to buy her some new shoes and even though these are not her size I will be putting them away for her to wear probably much sooner than I expect!

11. My husband and I decided to put a plot of land that we own in Guatemala for sale. We are praying that the Lord provide the buyer as well as a fair price for the name of Jesus!

12. Our Pastor's message on taming the tongue hit home. The Lord has been dealing with me and bringing conviction on the words that I declare. May words of life always flow my heart!

13. A young SIC visited from Florida. It was so nice to see her again and chat with her a while. I pray that she may remain connected to HIM to hear HIS direction for Her life!

Lord, you are constantly showering us with blessings. May we keep our eyes open enough to see you in it ALL. Thanks again for all the lovelies this week. May I cherish all that you have placed in my hands. May I give it my all with excellence for YOU!


  1. As always, I love hearing your blessings Sydney... the Lord is generous, good and faithful!

    I pray you get a buyer for your land, in His perfect timing!

    Cute shoes too... I miss all the little girlie things now that my 'baby' is nearly an adult ;)

  2. Amen! Amanda we are praying for it to be a quick transaction in the name of Jesus!

    Be blessed!


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