Monday, September 20, 2010

Lost and Found

I shared here that last Thursday evening a tornado sped through parts of Queens and Brooklyn, NY. Our church is located in Queens and from our home it is about a 40 minute drive with no traffic.

As we prepared to leave our home as usual on Thursday evening for church service, we had no idea that the heavy rain that zoomed by had actually been a tornado. As we crossed the Whitestone Bridge we immediately saw the traffic which had accumulated.

As we listened to the radio for traffic updates we realized that the traffic was backed up on the expressway for miles with no signs of improvement. By the time we would have reached our church the service would have been over, so we decided to head home instead. We had to take the local route through Queens to get to the 59th Street bridge that would lead us into Manhattan and then head home.

While driving through Manhattan, I immediately thought of my father. He works the evening shift in Manhattan. Very excited, I suggest to my husband about stopping by and seeing my dad.

I have not seen my father in over ten years although, we do communicate by phone. I was filled with so many different emotions at the prospect of seeing my dad. I called his place of employment twice and he was not available. I waited outside and noticed a man sweeping out front. I thought I'd ask him if he knew my dad. He said yes, then with my heart beating so rapidly I asked him if he could please ask my dad to step out for a moment.

I waited a few minutes and no sign of my father or the man I spoke to a few moments ago. Another minute or two passed and then.....
I noticed him. I would notice him in a multitude of people.
After all these years....I saw my dad.

It was him. It was my dad.

Before I knew it, I was embracing my father and sobbing.
My father's embrace was so familiar. So many lovely memories flooded my mind when I hugged my dad. Lovingly he told me, "Stop crying, it's ok."

I pulled away and I looked at his face. I wanted to capture his face and praying at the same time asking God not to let me forget how he looked at that very moment. After I let my dad go, I presented him to my teen daughter, she hugged him and wispered, "Grandpa". My dad held his hand out and met his son-in-law for the first time. He reached into my car and met his baby grand-daughter.

We were able to visit with him for only a few short moments since he had to get back to work.
All the time I was trying to etch in my mind every contour and line on his face.
I didn't want him to leave.
I didn't want to leave.
I told my dad how much I missed him and how much I loved him. I was able to share the love that Jesus has for him, too.

As I said goodbye to my dad, I hugged him so tight. I looked at his familiar eyes and told him, " I love you daddy." He smiled at me. I remember telling the Lord that I was more than grateful for this surprise visit but please don't let this be the last time. He said his goodbyes to the girls and my husband and just like that.....he was gone again.

During my walk with the Lord, He did such a beautiful thing in my heart. Long ago I forgave my dad for all the moments that I care not to remember that I had lived as a child. There was no hurt. There was no anger or bitterness. There was only love in my heart towards him. God had renewed love between a daughter and her father. I was so grateful for all that the Lord orchestrated for us that night.

But I have my memories. I remember what we spoke about. I remember his face.

I love my daddy:)

Autumn walk


  1. Sis as I write this I have tears streaming down my face. God is too good to us, and in the midst of the storm (literally in this sense) He can bring hope and change. How wonderful for you that you were able to see your father, and that your family was able to see and meet him as well. As I read the chapter of Breaking Free of unfailing love, how wonderful that we can always count on Him, rely on Him and trust Him. Even for the things that seem out of reach, out of our grasp He is working and transforming our hearts and those of others. How wonderful it is that His fountain of love never dries up.


  2. It was long over due Michelle. I have prayed for years that God re-unite us and thankful because He is always on time. The look of joy on his face was evident which made my heart melt. He is not one to be emotional but I noticed that he was just as joyous as I was!

  3. MARIA said

    Sister, I also have tears in my eyes. this post was very emotional and special. I praise God for manifesting his grace in your life.He is so Good to us. Embrace every moment.

  4. Sydney, what a gripping post. I welled up with tears also. My heart is overjoyed with thanksgiving that you were able to see you Dad.

    I have no idea about your life and history, but I do know something of the forgiveness and grace that floods our wounded hearts. I felt it very deeply in your words. This is clearly the power of God at work in your heart, and in your family. What an inspirition this post is.

    I hope you get to spend more time with your Dad, away from his workplace... time to just rekindle the bond and relationship.

    I have found this one thing, that sometimes a relationship goes through a long separation. It has to for a season, as you have experienced. God breaks the foundation it was once built on in this time. When He brings a restoration, is not the same as it was, because He builds it on a new foundation... His foundation, that of Jesus Christ.

    Bless you heaps beautiful sis...

  5. Thank you Maria for stopping by....
    God gives much more that we can think, ask, or imagine!
    Thank you Jesus!!!!

    Included in my prayers to see my father was for it to be in God's perfect timing. If it was Him I know that it would definitely minister me and to my dad's heart.

    I am praying more for the softening of his heart and that the scales may fall from his eyes so the light of Jesus' love and the salvation that He offers can shine.

  6. Sydney, thought I would answer your question here, in case you don't get back to the comments section at mine.

    I haven't seen many echidna's in my lifetime, but it was funny you asked because my husband has been seeing a few on his walks! (I should go more often with him lol). They are around but not as prolific as the wallabies are... I would love to see one when I have my camera in hand!

    ps. Sydney can you email me your postal address? I would like to send some little Australiana things to your girls... postcards, brochures, etc. Children love receiving packages in the mail too and it could prove useful for any homeschooling lessons concerning Australia you may do.


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