Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Breaking Free: Part V Unfailing Love

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Looking back to my past I noticed a pattern of behavior I was developing. I would begin something and not see it to the end. Allow me to elaborate and share some of my experiences.

I was first generation of my family born in this country and I was accepted into a well known private high school and was determined to excel. There was the hopes and dreams of my parents riding on my graduating and becoming a professional.

I took a trip to Ecuador that summer after completing my freshman year in H.S and after a devastating experience, it set me up for my future's outlook. After this moment in my life I saw things through a different perspective. Three years of high school remained and I ended up attending five schools and not graduating but instead I opted for a g.e.d (grade equivalency diploma). My mother was so disappointed, and so was I.

However, I saw a gleam of hope. I was accepted into a prestigious college in Manhattan and was determined to graduate. I had been so un-disciplined and battling with alcohol and marijuana that I soon realized I wasn't going to be up for the challenge. After almost two and a half years as a freshman I gave up. My daughter was about 2 at the time, and I decided to enter the workforce and leave my hopes and dreams of furthering my education and making my mom really proud of me to the side. I was different to her...she saw me with different eyes. I too, saw myself as different.

That is part of my testimony and what God used to draw me to HIM. Although to a few this might be just reading another book. To me, it means creating a pattern of permanent changes with the help of Holy Spirit.

This new section I am starting to read is titled,

"Unfailing Love"

I am more than overwhelmed at times when I think back to all that the Lord has allowed me to live and see. What gives me that feeling is that HE was there through it ALL. His unfailing love has accompanied me through so many dark moments in my life.

Beth points out the wedding at Cana of Galilee. The master of the banquet made a statement about Jesus that described Him so well, "Everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much to drink; but you saved the best till now." (John 2:10) Our Lord always seems to have something better waiting for us around the corner when we least expect it.

On page 191 Beth writes, " What do we need when our mountains shake, when our hills are removed? Babies die without it. Children must have it. Youth plead for it. Adults search for it. We will only find true freedom in the love that will not fail or go away."

My hearts screams out to be able to understand just that, God's perfect and unfailing love for those He so lovingly calls His children.

I pray that you may be edified in joining in on this journey of breaking free with me. I pray that you may be able to see His unfailing love for you.

God bless you!


  1. You have a beautiful testimony! And a beautiful spirit...so glad I ended up here today. I can feel the Lord's Presence here...it is so refreshing!

  2. I love hearing more of your testimony Sydney... even though you didn't finish the type of education you and your family desired for you, even though life took some detours, even though you made mistakes along the way, and had to endure devastating experiences too, He was there every step of the way, and guess what! You are right where He planned and purposed for you. If you had all the education under the sun, you might have been so successful in the career world, that you may have never needed to come to your knees to embrace Jesus and all He is. Success in life is a killer, because people become reliant on their own skills and abilities and don't need a Saviour (or so they think).

    You never missed a turn, you were always on target. Still on target.

    I am so blessed by you...

  3. ps, and amen to Deborah's comment... I always feel His presence here...

  4. Deborah Ann,
    So glad you stopped by and stayed a while. My desire is that the Lord is glorified and His name exalted through all that I share.

    I had no way of knowing all the twist and turns my life path took that it would all turn out for my good. Blessed that His thoughts are much higher than mine.

    Blessed that you ladies stopped by!

  5. Wow Sydney, I was so touched by this post. Yesterday in service the Pastor preached about having our names written in the Lamb's book of Life even before the foundation of the earth, how beautiful imagine that. While we were out in the world experiencing so many pains, disappointments and heart breaks, He was loving us all along, before I ever breathed my first breath in this world I was already in His thoughts. His thoughts are far better, far greater than ours. He is a God that restores, transforms and recycles us for His glory! Halleluyah!

  6. It is always so reassuring to me when I stop and think that all my days are written before His presence and that my life is in HIS hands. Precious Lord, thank you for putting me on your agenda!

  7. God bless you Sydney, it is truly a blessing to read your post, specially because you are honest and transparent. His love is not only unfailing but it amazing. Jesus die so you can live in total freedom.
    After getting tired of condemning myself every other day, one day I made the decision to receive his love and forgiveness, and to live my days feeling loved by Him. His love is wonderful, His love is sufficient. We must always rejoice and be thankful.

    Sister I thank God for you and your beautiful family. I pray....I love you.


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