Friday, August 20, 2010

Counting My Blessings

1. Sunday worship was just what I needed. During the praise I was calling out to the Lord asking Him to help me submit and understand that He is the Potter and I am the clay. After service was over my Pastor came out to the parking lot and spoke words to my spirit that I was asking the Lord to hear. God is always on time!!!

2. My Husband has started making an organizer for our babies toys. He was able to get the wood for FREE!!! We are excited about started some handmade crafts.

3. My teen had such a great time being dad's helper. It was great for me to see them at work and laughing and enjoying this time spent together learning!

4. Chatted with my older sis who lives in Ecuador and we had such a joyous time...reminiscing, laughing and yes..there was even a tear or two. Even got to chat with my niece who is...16!!!

5. This week I officially started giving my baby regular milk instead of formula. I thank the Lord because the transition was smooth:)

6. A SIC testified how she received an immediate answer to prayer. God, you are so merciful! Lord, please intervene!

7. I have been able to get rid of so much junk mail that has piled up. I am grateful for my mom lending me her shredder.

8. Went to Ikea and we were able to get some great items (table and chairs for my girls, a metal rod hanger thingie, plastic bins) really cheap!

9. 16 notebooks and about 1/2 dozen pencil and pens and 2 reams of copy paper practically free at CVS and Staples....woo hoo!!! The Lord definitely is providing items to donate for the shoeboxes!!! Post to follow shortly:)

10. Grateful that my mom's recovery (out-patient eye surgery) is going great.

11. Baby is in full walking mode. Family in Christ rejoiced at her walking about church on Thursday!!!

With Christ everything
Without Him....NOTHING!!


  1. What wonderful blessings He is bestowing on you, Sydney!

    With regards to #1, I rejoice, I rejoice, I rejoice with you! I love when that happens and you know definitely, that the Lord has heard your cries and prayers, and even more beautiful is that He sends His encouragement to you. I am so thankful He did that for you my SIC.

    Bless you and your lovely family. Have a super wonderful and blessed week in Him.

    I feel to say, He has so much more in store for you and He delights to give you the desires of your heart, as they are His desires, and because He loves to love on you. I sense so strongly that He is so blessed and pleased by your thankfulness towards Him. He loves a grateful heart who appreciates everything big and small.

  2. Thank you for your words that I know were inspired by HIM!
    I so want to surrender all of me to HIM. Help me Holy Spirit!
    I receive those blessings in the name of Jesus.

    May you delight in HIM this coming week and always!
    Christ is KING!

  3. Hi Mami. We did have a great week. Sure did have fun building the shelf!

    Hope that the Lord continues to surprise you week after week with adventures, savings, and of course more of HIS presence. (HE HE HE)

    To #1: We should always go to church expecting a blessing or change and not willing to leave until we get it. (like Jacob) Hope you will always expect more from your Creator who loves you. He is willing and able to do all things.
    It's especially in those times of crying out to Him that He sees our willingness to be moldable and willing to submit to His plans, though they may not "match" ours. I love you too!

    It's been fun cleaning up my little pile of mail too.

    With baby walking all over the place... we always have to be watching her though. It's so funny how she starts in the living room and ends up playing with my goodies in my room! Too cute.

  4. I am just about in tears at reading your precious comment.
    My darling encouraged I am by those gracious words the Lord has deposited in you just for me! I am overwhelmed, Lord!

  5. oh WOW! May this precious child continue to have this heart for our Lord, all the days of her life. I am in awe of such Godly wisdom. Especially the part about not letting go like Jacob. Oh wow. Thank You dear Lord, for this beautiful young princess child of Yours!

  6. Sis, I was looking forward to your blessings, how great is our God.....Kianna had me in tears and with the song in the background it was too much for me! But thank the Lord that He is faithful to His Word! I rejoice in all that the Lord is doing in your household. BTW check out pathmark they usually have the notebooks 10 for $1.

    Loved seeing Little Genesis walking around in her "Dorothy" shoes. I hope you baby proofed the house sis.



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