Monday, August 9, 2010

Counting My Blessings

1. My husband and daughter went out street evangelizing with our church. My daughter was able to preach to a muslim man and we declare him for Christ in Jesus' name!

2. Rite Aid deals were great this week! I purchased all of this for an oop cost of about $3.oo and will be getting back a $10.00 rebate check and a $10.00 gift card!!!!! (Thank you Lord for the revelation of using coupons!!!)

3. I celebrated my birthday this week! I am grateful for another year in the Lord. Another year where I have been able to see His hand at work in my life, my family, my it ALL!

4. My sister who lives in Ecuador sent me a lovely birthday message! (So did 2 cousins of mine:)

5. What an awesome prayer service we had on Tuesday. Holy Spirit was ministering especially to the youth of our church and it was wonderful to see them pray and by faith laying on of the hands and praying for one another. Thank you Lord for all the beautiful and new things you are doing.

6. For the prep of my daughter's husband saw that I had many things to do...he offered his help around the house...which was awesome...was able to get alot more done!

7. My baby celebrated her FIRST year. I amazed at how fast this past year has came and went. My husband took the day off from work. We had a marvelous time spending the whole day together. We had a lovely afternoon with my sis and her girls (her hubby was at work) and my mom came over and we cut a cake to celebrate. To be able to live all these precious moments in CHRIST is more than I can describe into words.

(I made her a dress and headband to go with her outfit.
My first attempt at sewing was successful for God's glory!!!)

8. After my baby's celebration off to church for an all night vigil. It was such a blessing. A local church was invited and their pastor brought the message and boy! was it on time! We fellowshipped and enjoyed the presence of the Lord and His bountiful blessings:)

9. Michelle announced at Friday night's vigil that she is expecting baby number 4!!!! We rejoice with her and her husband in the Lord adding another precious gift to their family and to the church of Christ!!!!!!!

10. A SIC was baptized on Sunday. What a blessing to be able to witness her dedication to the Lord. After service We brought cupcakes to share with the church for my baby's b-day!!!

Glory to the Lamb of God!


  1. Sydney, I always love reading your "Counting My Blessings" posts. It is so good to be thankful for all He does for us, not matter how big or small the blessing is.

    Happy birthday to your Baby girl...

    I love your sewing! How clever are you! Such a beautiful outfit, with cute little matching thongs! I am sure the little one looked adorable in this outfit.

    Keep shining your precious Light Sydney... I appreciate it and am thankful for it.

  2. I am looking to invest in a sewing machine in order to sew more clothes for my girls:)

    I am blessed to see the Lord in all areas of my life.

    Thank you Jesus!


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