Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Counting My Blessings

1. Spent another lovely Saturday afternoon with my family at Camp Taconic. We had fun playing games, picnic lunch then a lovely bbq dinner.

2. My baby enjoyed getting her feet wet with daddy and big sis in the lake. The brothers enjoyed playing soccer and basketball:)

3. To end the lovely day we happened to walk-in to this awesome church service being held at the camp-site. The room was filled with the presence of Holy Spirit. He was ministering, liberating and speaking to HIS people.

4. My Grandmother who is almost 100 yrs old was baptized this past Sunday. My brother e-mailed me the video and I felt like I was there. Thank you Lord for the privilege to see her get baptized.

5. Received such a motivating "pep" talk from my Pastor. God, you are awesome at mending my wounds. You are my HEALER!

6. I had the opportunity to video chat with my grandmother, brother and his family and she is no longer using a cane and looks great!

7. Went to KMart and got some great deals on toys for my girls.

8. Amy, may the Lord continue to bless you. My desire is that He continues to reveal HIS will to your heart. Be blessed....

9. Got another great deal on diapers for my baby girl. I am thankful for the find especially since the stockpile was running low. Thanks for the coupon Karen:)

10. Enjoyed having my mom over for dinner a few times this week. I always enjoy having her over!


  1. It sounds like you have had a wonderful week, topping it off with a great time at the camp.

    I am amazed at your grandmother! 100 yo!!!! and getting baptized! That is so amazing Sydney!! Glory be to our God!

    Have a wonderful weekend :D

  2. A few family members preached Jesus to my grandmother and did not want to receive HIM. However, a few years back while she was at a church service out of her own conviction of sin she walked up to the altar and confessed JESUS!

    I am truly wowed how she was able to walk quite far into a river and be baptized. The Lord truly has renewed her strength!

    Have a blessed weekend in HIM:) Thanks again for stopping by!

  3. That is such a beautiful testimony... when I first read this, I thought of the scripture that goes "the first shall be last and the last shall be first".

    I have never heard such a testimony: nearly 100 and getting baptised in a RIVER! Oh wow!! She must be in good health, which also is a testimony to the Lord too.

  4. Thanks, Sydney! :) Also, that's wonderful that your grandmother was baptized! What a blessing.

  5. Sydney, thank you so much for passing by and sharing your thoughts on a strong woman. You know I am always blessed by your presence.

    Praise God on all the good and wonderful things he is doing in your life. I rejoice with you. Your grandfather getting baptized is such an awesome testimony.

    I also love the music and the new design.

    It's okay....xoxox God always makes things right. He will never let you go. Please read Joshua 1:5


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