Monday, July 12, 2010

Counting My Blessings

1. Submitted my 4th and final quarterly report and Final Assessment for our first homeschooling year. I am so thankful to God that HE has allowed this experience. The time I have spent with my daughters is priceless :) Thank you JESUS!!!

2. An elementary school in our neighborhood is offering free breakfast and lunch and we are more than grateful for this and we meet there with my sis and her girls for even more fun!

3. After lunch we headed over to the library for some free a/c..:)...and some quiet time for bible reading,

4. Went to Old Navy and got some more $1.00 flip flops!!!

5. Did my shopping for the month at BJ's and my teen tagged along and was such a helper in packing the car,

6. My daughter turned 13 on Monday and I am amazed at all that the Lord has done in her life. HIS mercy and love has protected her and I am truly thankful. May HE continue to shine HIS face upon her and guide her through all of her days!

7. My baby turned 11 months this week....I am amazed at how these months flew by....

8. Went to my mom's house and she surprised us with fresh watermelon..a cool treat for such a hot day:)

9. Our families in Christ gave such thoughtful birthday gifts to my teen. She will enjoy all of them!

10. We spent most of my teen's birthday at my mom's house and had a pizza party. My mom is so loving and caring and I thank GOD for her!

11. My mom blessed us with some yellow plantains...she knows my husband really likes them!...Thanks mami:)

12. I am meditating on the past few weeks and thankful to the Lord for what HE has done...and what HE is doing in our lives...and expecting great things to come! We wait in you JESUS!!!

Olive press, Capernaum Pictures, Images and Photos
The olive must be crushed in order to get oil...


  1. I always rejoice to hear all the blessings He is pouring in your life. We must remain grateful.
    His mercy are new everyday. Thank you Jesus!

  2. Praise the LORD sister....
    I pray that my heart will always remain thankful and praise HE who is WORTHY!

  3. I missed this post until now. You are very blessed to have some love around you... your mum, sisters, daughters and husband, and your families in Christ. I love how He surrounds us with these treasures!

    I love the olive press picture... that is something we discuss alot at church... the pressing/crushing of the olive, that the oil may come forth.

  4. Growing up, my family consisted of my mom, younger sister and myself. I am amazed at how a prayer I had in my heart since I was a little girl...I can now see it fulfilled in CHRIST!

    Thank you Lord because you had this lovely surprise reserved for me...


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