Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Breaking Free: Broken Pottery

This sin will become for you like a high wall, cracked and bulging, that collapses suddenly, in an instant. It will break in pieces like pottery.
Isaiah 30: 13-14

In the previous chapter, Beth illustrated several characteristics of a rebellious child of God.
In this chapter we will visit the 5th & 6th characteristics.

5. A rebellious child of God depends on deceit.
6. A rebellious child of God runs from the real answers.

These characteristics deal with running from the truth of God's Word and depending on satan's lies. Satan wants to distract the believer and use unhealthy attachments to things or people to lure us away from the truth of God's Word. The lies that Satan creates is to keep us in bondage. I have purposed in my heart to live the abundant life that Christ paid for me to have. Why settle for less dear brothers and sisters?

I have lived seasons of my life when I have fled from the only one who can heal me. Confronting the truth of who I really was..was simply to painful and I decided to deceive myself thinking that things were fine just the way they were. How wrong I was! When we make the decision to cut all chains that binds us to sin we experience a freedom that surpasses anything we could've ask or imagined.

Satan wants us to keep quiet and not confess our sins. I sincerely encourage you that if there is unconfessed sin in your life seek healing from the Lord. Please also prayerfully consider speaking to your church elders. There are areas in my past that needed to be confessed with the leaders of my church and ministration from Holy Spirit. You don't have to suffer in silence!

We can picture God being merciful and forgiving when we get into trouble accidentally, but we forget how compassionate God is when we are outright rebellious. His love extends to us even when we have rebelled against HIM.

Which characteristics of rebellion have been your tendencies?
Which do you find more difficult, returning to God or resting in HIM?

In my personal walk with the Lord, it has been more difficult for me to rest in HIM. My reasoning takes over and I tend to think of everything in a logical way. When situations arise my mind races and thinks of different ways to resolve. I have to confess my immediate thought is not always how will God work it out for my good. I do not want to insult God with my lack of faith because I know it is impossible to please HIM without it. Instead, I have to tell the Lord, I believe but help my unbelief.

May our merciful Lord continue to bless you on your breaking free journey!

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  1. Sydney, I love that scripture at the beginning of this post... I don't believe I have ever noticed it before in the Word.

    Quote: "We can picture God being merciful and forgiving when we get into trouble accidentally, but we forget how compassionate God is when we are outright rebellious. His love extends to us even when we have rebelled against HIM. "

    This is the paragraph that struck me the most. It hit my spirit because I have never thought about the fact that God is compassionate towards, even when we are rebellious. I guess I think of punishment, when I think of rebellion. But the very thought that He is compassionate never quite crossed my mind. It melted me actually. Love covers a multitude of sins. His love is compassionate. Yes, His love propels Him to chastise us, but it also compels Him to compassion.

    This just set me free with something in my warped thinking, concerning a struggle I am facing. I need to go meditated on this some more.

    Amen, and thank You Lord! Thank you for powerful keys that remove bondages from our lives!

  2. Praise the Lord....As I was reading your post I also thought of the verse that Amanda just mentioned "Love covers a multitude of sin" isn't it just amazing that His love, His unconditional, never changing, never ending love for us, covers all of our sins. We never have to doubt, or believe any lies that He doesn't love or forgive us. Thank you are always willing and able.......

  3. I think I should verify (just reread my comment), that I do understand God is merciful, forgiving and all those wonderful things, but compassion when rebellion is involved, hit me in your post. I just saw a whole new angle. And, I am talking about a sincere believer, not unsaved. I know compassion is at work when He draws the unbeliever. ;) It is hard to put into words sometimes, when your spirit gains a knew or deeper understanding... but what you wrote Sydney, melted my heart, in a good way.

  4. The father of the prodigal son welcomed his son back with much joy and gladness in his heart. Even when we stray, how much MORE is the FATHER there to stretch HIS arms open wide to receive us.

    I don't want to take advantage of that mercy but am thankful it is there. I can always run to HIS mercy seat where HIS presence covers me!

    Thanks for your lovely comments Amanda. I certainly appreciate you stopping by my humble abode:)

    Michelle, the perfect truth of HIS Word casts away any doubt that we are not forgiven or loved! What a blessing that we have the sword of the Spirit to fight away any deception.


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