Monday, June 21, 2010

Counting My Blessings

1. Since my mom's return from her trip I am enjoying spending time with her. I am more than thankful for her.

2. Friday prayer service was such a blessing and the fellowship that followed was great. My SIC are too funny!!!

3. Bought some last minute items for my SIL's wedding and was able to use some high value coupons to get a great deal. Thank you Jesus!

4. My husband helped me in my organization venture. He sure is creative!

5. My husband's boss gave our daughter a convertible car seat...thank you Lord for Your grace over my husband's life:)

6. Went out with my girls and enjoyed a lovely walk in my neighborhood.

7. I am tremendously blessed to see how much my SIC Maria has helped my SIL organize herself for the wedding.

8. I finished decorating my SIL's candles for her wedding just in time. (will post pics)

9. Our Co-Pastor's wife celebrated another earthday and I pray that she may continue to use all that the Lord has deposited in her for HIS glory and honor!

10. I am in CHRIST and HE is in ME!


  1. It was really a blessing to see how everything turned out for the wedding...the groom told me how thankful he was that the sisters helped make the day turn out beautiful....glory to God!!!!

  2. Sydney, we have so much to be thankful for... it is wonderful to read about some of the things you are particularly thankful for!

    God bless you!

  3. Thank you sister, I thank God for everyone that was willing to help in anyway in the wedding. I truly believe that we are a family and we need each other. It is a blessing for me to be useful in anything that God allow me for His glory. To Him be the Glory.Is only the Lord and put the love and the Grace in us.Sister you are so gifted with your hand, very creative, everything you did was beautiful praise God.


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