Thursday, June 24, 2010

Breaking Free: To Be A Bride

In My walk with the Lord, have I been getting ready for the wedding or for the Groom?

I am remembering a heart felt testimony a BIC gave at this past Sunday's service. He mentioned that He had the mindset that he felt he had to do things to please God and when he didn't...he felt as though he had failed as though God was not pleased with him. But then, he went along saying, that he knows that God loves him no matter what. I was moved by my brother's willingness to be open and willing to share how the Lord was ministering him.

Beth describes on page 147 that she relates the word bride with "innocence". There were times when I first came to Christ that I felt anything but innocent. However, as the years go by and I am knowing my GOD and with more conviction I am understanding who I am now in HIM. My day-to-day walk reflects my intimate relationship with Jesus. I know that there are things in me that need to be broken down and dealt with but I am confident that the Lord's love for me will give me the grace to endure till the very end.

I realize that nothing I can say or do will ever change who He is but what HE has done for me has already determined who I am...



  1. Praise the Lord! We are His bride!

  2. Thank you. I needed reminded of that today!

  3. A bride can think of little else except her wedding, her union with her betrothed... she loves to prepare for her wedding...

    Likewise, time is short and there is so much to prepare for: as the bride of the Lamb, making sure our wedding gown is without spot, wrinkle or blemish.

    Perfume? Every bride wants to smell beautiful for groom, and will often wear one of his favourite scents, on their special day.

    Our Beloved loves for His bride to wear the aroma of a sweet smelling sacrifice. This comes from burning flesh, death to self.

    Sounds gruesome lol, but really, it is a beautiful thing unto Him. :D


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