Friday, May 21, 2010

Counting My Blessings

1. Heard our Pastor preach at a local church. Grateful for the Word the Lord deposited in his spirit to edify His people. They also served coffee and great tamales. I want to learn how to make those.

2. Saturday was a little bit of rest, work and a visit by Karen and my niece.

3. A SIC presented her baby girl to the Lord this Sunday. It was a blessing to see her family once again.

4. We enjoyed a lovely car ride back home from church Sunday evening. Delight in the Lord...

5. Mondays are different with my mom still in Ecuador. Glad she is coming back soon!

6. Received a $5.00 gift card from Target and spent about $.80 each for 5 boxes of Kashi cereal.

7. My baby is pulling herself up in her playpen...she looks so adorable doing it!

8. My husband has been an immense help around the house this week...thanks lovey!

9. Pastor blessed us with some mangos....even though my baby made a mess she managed to get some in her mouth and liked it:)

10. Bro. Alexis preached/gave an exhortation to the church this Thursday...I want to seek you more me to be a good steward of my time!

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  1. Oh I have to see lil' Kiki pulling herself up...that must be a sight!


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