Saturday, May 22, 2010

Breaking Free: Hearts Mended By Truth

This week's assignment is to pray. Forgive anyone who has hurt us or abused us but also to seek forgiveness. I believe that the Lord will show us if there is anything there where we have caused our little ones to sin. Then I believe, He will guide us what to do with that information. Some of us will pray and rebuke it. Some of us will talk to our children regarding it. Some of us will write a letter. Whatever the Lord directs, let's just do it.

As I reflected on being a parent, I reflected on the lives my husband and I have been entrusted with by the Lord, brings a deep sense of responsibility. We are their first witness of Jesus Christ. I have the choice to either rear them in the fear of the Lord or do it my own way. I have seen first hand the impact of children not being raised in a God fearing home and definitely have chosen that will not be the fate of my little ones.

I think back on my own childhood, as these last few chapters have us doing, I understand that there is a fine line between chastisement and abuse. There is certainly something to be said of learning from the errors of others. I have learned much from choosing not to go the same parental paths as I have witnessed from others first hand. A very common saying within our culture is, "That's how my mother did it" or "That is how I was taught". I want to be taught by the Lord and His Word on how to be a parent. How to be the mother the Lord created me to be for my children.

I know that the Lord has deposited in me, all the necessary elements that make a great and successful parent. He has equipped me with a God fearing husband and father to my children and more importantly His Word and Holy Spirit to be able to instruct my children from.

The Lord created my children with a specific purpose and a plan that must come to fruition that we must prepare them for.

I know that there is work to be done in my role as a parent, but I have the best example, My father GOD to be able to learn from.

If I remember correctly I once heard Joyce Meyer say, "I may not be where I should be but thank God I am not where I was!"

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  1. Praise the Lord! I was reflecting (I think yesterday) on how important is it that we the parents get ministered, otherwise, our children won't see freedom and thus be captive themselves. Thank God He's not done with us yet!


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