Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Breaking Free: Hearts Broken By Betrayal

If you had been in Jesus' place (not if you had been Jesus), how would you have dealt with Judas?

In the world I certainly dealt with my share of betrayal by people whom I had let so close to me that I thought of them more than my own family. I remember one particular incident in which I knew the person betrayed me but she didn't know I knew about it. I didn't allow her to see my hurt as I was trying to guard my "rep". I didn't want anyone including her to think that I felt so hurt and betrayed. I valued our friendship and I was shocked to say the least to realize that she didn't value it as I thought she did.

How would I have dealt with Judas' betrayal?

I would like to think I would've prayed first to receive direction from God on how to deal with Judas. There have been times where I reacted to hurt from my emotions. I would not allow God to deal with the way I was feeling first and instead would lash out.

When we consult the Lord in everything we are sure to see His glory manifested.


  1. Prayer is definitely so important in dealing with these situations. What do you think wanting to guard your rep said about your character? I found this question about Judas so interesting because I noticed this kind of behavior still lurking in me. Maybe not so out there as before, but there nonetheless. I'm breaking free from it in Jesus' name!

  2. It said for sure that I was prideful. I didn't want others to see that what happened had indeed affected me.

    I was meditating on the question some more yesterday afternoon and I thought of WWJD? You see those letters printed on t-shirts, wristbands, baseball hats, etc... but it's more than a catchy phrase. I want to be able to react by thinking....what would Jesus do in this situation? I want to be able to reflect HIM!


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