Friday, April 30, 2010

Counting My Blessings

Picture 19

1. Karen stopped by for a quick visit with her girls.

2. All Day Saturday was spent home with the family enjoying a quiet and relaxing day!

3. A young sister in Christ went up for prayer on Sunday and Lord I am trusting that she is healed and totally free in YOU!

4. My mom surprised us with a visit early Monday morning and brought over some goodies:)

5. I spent most of Monday with my mom helping her get ready for her trip. I am going to miss her so much!

6. Went to Target earlier in the week and found some great items on clearance all for $1.11 oop!

7. Rite Aid trip was unexpected this week but with coupons in hand made a good buy!

8. Received some great coupons from Pampers this week along with these freebies in the mail this week!

9. Enjoyed seeing my mom doing her CVS transaction with coupons in hand! She is so cute:)

10. My husband found a MetroCard totalling $11.00! Lord, you are always on time:)

11. Went with my mom, Karen and her fam along with my tween for some ice-cream..pralines and cream...yummy...yummy!!

12. Michelle and John blessed us with lots of coupons! Thanks so much:)

13. My tween has been an immense help around the house without me even having to ask her!

14. My SIL shared a blessing with us this week:)

15. Narrowing down our H.S. curriculum for the fall!

16. Thank you Lord because my Pastor is strengthened in YOU!

17. Surprised my husband at work and went out for lunch.

18. To my surprised he showed me shelves he made for our bathroom.

19. He also handmade a frame for my daughter's artwork. Thanks love!

20. Lord, I pray that you continue to bless my husband with creativity for Your glory and for Your honor!

Jesus looked at them at said,
"With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."
Matthew 19:26 NIV


  1. The Lord is so good, I rejoice with you sis you had a great week.

  2. Blessed to know the brother is getting in building mode...I'm sure they will look great in the bathroom!


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