Friday, April 2, 2010

Counting My Blessings

Picture 19

1. My husband accompanied me to do the monthly grocery shopping at BJ's...truly an adventure!
2. Was able to purchase some yarn to finish my crocheting my baby's cardigan for Resurrection Sunday service and my tween even had time to participate in an art project at Micheal's.
3. Sunday service was a blessing. How can someone who does not have a covenant with God threaten someone who does?
4. My mom paid us a visit and it was such a blessing for me to be able to serve her. My mom is so funny!!!!!
5. My daughter is doing great in English and we are progressing on the rest of the curriculum. I am so blessed by the Lord with the beautiful children He has given me. Thank you Jesus...they are YOURS!
6. Speaking of homeschooling, my niece did great on her test! Glory to God!!!
7. Was able to enjoy the warmer weather with my girls :)
8. Received some more great samples in the mail including a coupon for a free vitamin water!
9. Our Co-pastor blessed us with some coupons...thank you Lord!
10. My husband gave me such a thoughtful gift this week...he is so caring..thank you Lord for him.
11. My two lovely lil sisters in Christ celebrated earthdays in the Lord this week. Michelle's daughter looked adorable in her dress last night!!!!
12. Last night's service was sooo anointed. I am so glad that when purpose in our hearts to allow the Holy Spirit to take control He gives us more than we can ever ask for! Looking forward to tonight's service ;)

The Lord is my strength and my shield;
My heart trusts in HIM, and I am helped.
Psalms 28:7 NIV


  1. God is so good! I am looking forward to seeing kiki with her little sweater although I don't think anything could make her look more adorable than she already does...I hope it won't cover her arms the whole service?:)

  2. Sister you are so talented, Praise God
    I looking forward to see the cardigan on Genesis
    and I was thinking may be you can teach me, i heard is not so difficult.

    love you

  3. Thanks for the comment Maria.
    Although I am certainly a pro..yet :)..I did enjoy making it for my baby girl and seeing her in it.


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