Friday, March 19, 2010

Counting My Blessings

1. Although it was really windy this weekend, my husband braved it in order to take our daughter to the library..thanks my love!
2. The storm this past weekend caused damage to homes in the area however it did not affect the church building...your mercy Lord is evident!
3. A BIC blessed us with some homemade bread. It was so good!
4. My mom invited us for dinner and although I do not eat fish she made me steak! A mother's love :)
5. I tried Karen's pancake from scratch recipe and it turned out very good!
6. My husband helped me out with a cleaning project that was overdue..he is always so ready, willing and able;
7. The Lord saved my from a potentially serious injury..thank you Jesus!
8. CVS deal went swell..only .43 cents oop;

9. Received some more goodies in the mail this week,

10. My husband surprised me with some yummy treats :)
11. Had the privilege to come into agreement with a SIC re: her petition,
12. The Lord has blessed us with warmer weather this week, and I took my daughters out for a stroll..thank you Lord!
13. Baked some chocolate cookies and although they did come out very well...I still had fun trying ;)
14.Thursday nights service was a blessing, as our Pastor began strumming his guitar to worship the Holy Spirit guided him to praise in his own words and the congregation was blessed and the same with the message, the holy Spirit guided him to preach something totally different than what he had in mind. Thank you Holy Spirit!

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  1. So glad the Lord's protection is over you and your family. I have the cutest pictures of kiki in my have to come and see them:)


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