Thursday, March 11, 2010

Counting My Blessings

Picture 19

1. My baby turned 7 months this week!
2. My husband went on a men's retreat with the others brothers from church and I praise the Lord for what He did in every heart. I was also edified hearing my husband testify on the Word the Lord gave to the brothers;
3. My sister came over with her girls and we laughed, talked about the Word and confident the Holy Spirit was doing a work in me;
4. I am thankful for what the Lord has done in my relationship with Karen;
5. I enjoyed spending Saturday with my girls and we also went out with Karen and her girls for some yummy ice cream;
6. On Sunday my husband received the manifestation of healing from a pain he had in his lower back! By HIS stripes...;
7. We received a visit from a young man at church and I am praying that he knows that God CAN change any situation; There is hope!
8. I enjoyed some lovely time with my tween baking and cooking together. She is a great conversationalist and a good cook! Cook once and had dinner ready for the week..thank you LORD!

9. Received some great samples in the mail this week!

10. Purchased first snacks for the baby...awwwwww;

11. Rite aid and Target deals were really fun this week;

12. Was able to purchase one of my husband's favorite cereals at CVS at a great price this week along with some other goodies;

13. My baby has been doing great eating her cereal and baby if she would only drink from her sippy cup!
14. Baby is enjoying tummy time more so this week,
15. Four more months until my tween becomes a teen;
16. Took our loose change to the bank and it turned out to be a pretty penny...pun intended :)
17. Thanking the Lord for the lovely warmer weather we have experienced this week;
18. Was able to share time with a SIC and her family..thanking you Lord because only you can strengthen and comfort them;
19. A beloved SIC blessed my baby with a matching scarf to the hat she had given her a while back. Now she has the set and it is sooo cute :)
20. Listening to my husband testify of the Lord's grace and favor upon him at his job is such a faith booster! Thank you Jesus for your mercy upon him;
21. Was able to chat with my nephew this week and joyous that his delight is serving you LORD;
22. A much loved couple visited Thursday night is always a blessing to have them home;

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  1. Nani is def. good company to have in the kitchen. I enjoy her questions and comments as I cook:) Time is truly flying by around us. Kiki will soon be licking her own little ice cream cone:) The brother's testimony yesterday was very edifying...glory to God! He is such an example to us of always finding the good in every situation. We love you guys so much!


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