Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Breaking Free: The Obstacle of Prayerlessness

Spend some time praying for another person.
After you have prayed for this person, write them a letter
regarding what Holy Spirit put in your heart regarding them
during prayer.
Give them the letter.

I am so thankful that the Lord is so creative and does not have to conform to anyones standard because HE alone is perfect and knows all things. I have surrendered and know that all I need is Him. His love, presence and peace is what can fulfill me.

When Karen posted this week's assignment I thought, "What?..Holy Spirit what is THIS about?"
You see, we can get so focused on ourselves and our desires for our own spiritual lives that we can totally disregard that the Lord seeks laborers for His harvest. I know I must be willing to put the "I" to the side and stand in the gap for someone else.

So, as I contemplated on, "Who Lord..who is it?" Names did pop up in my mind. But I asked the Lord that I want it to be the person that He has assigned. The Lord had me pray for two people. Which by the way I was totally surprised He chose these specific ladies.

My time in prayer was filled with somuch peace in my heart...such a stillness and complete focus on HIM!

The first person I was in shock for a moment when the Lord pressed upon my heart to pray for even though I, do pray for this person this time the Lord gave me specifics. My desire is that she may come to know the Lord, that she may understand that in only Him there is hope and peace. That she does not have to rely on her own thoughts and her way of living life. His thoughts are perfect and much higher than ours. I, too was literally where she is at and all I know that the only one who was able to intervene and rescue me was JESUS!!
I prayed for her child and ultimately I am trusting God for their salvation.

The second person the Lord gave me while I was in the middle of prayer. I know it was the Lord asking me to intercede for the heart, thoughts and ideas of this person. I felt so much conviction for what I was praying for knowing that the Lord is dealing with this person and hoping that this she can receive all the love that the Lord has for her. That He created her in HIS image. That she may know and consider it is a privilege to walk in the footsteps of the Lord.

My desire is that the Lord continue to cultivate an intecessory spirit in us all!


  1. I believe that that's what the Lord wanted to teach us...that when it's Him guiding our prayers, they are filled with love, compassion and passion, peace and joy and faith! It's no longer an obligation to pray but a privilege!

  2. Is important to obey the Holy Spirit, I have someone in mind, but the Lord want me to pray for someone else that need to know how much He loves her and how valuable and special she is for him.
    Praying for someone is def. a privilege

  3. God bless you Sydney! I was sorry to notice you unfollowed. I hope I didn't offend you. Love, Rosemi


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