Friday, February 26, 2010

Counting My Blessings

Picture 19

1. Received 4 boxes of cookies free after coupons!! Nutter Butters...yummy!
nutter butter Pictures, Images and Photos
2. Went to the Statue of Liberty with my family & parents-in-law. First time back in about 20 years and I thank the Lord I was able to see His glory;
statue of liberty Pictures, Images and Photos
3. The Lord allowed me to bless a SIC;
4. My daughter and I made a chicken lasagna with broccoli. My first attempt and it came out very tasty;
5. My daughters and I went to IHOP for free pancakes!
ihop free pancakes Pictures, Images and Photos
6. We are advancing in our Tuesday teaching on the prophesies of the Book of Daniel; I am so enjoying this study;
7. Celebrated my SIL's prayer is that she may continue to grow in HIM and know just how much HE loves her;
8. Received a free carton of eggs and caught some great deals on milk, pasta and tomato sauce. Thank you Jesus!
9. Received some great samples and coupons in the mail this week!
10. My sister paid me a surprise visit with my nieces;
11. My husband helped me to clean up for my parents-in-law visit this weekend!
12. Please Lord continue to bless my husband with more of YOU...Your presence is all we need!
13. We had visitors at this Thursday's service. I pray that You Lord, do what you have to do in their lives so they may draw close to YOU!
14. Our Pastor preached such an anointed message on Thursday for God's glory...My desire is that...that Word will accomplish the purpose for which is was sent in the name of Jesus;
15. Snow..and more snow...I thank the Lord that His divine protection was over us while I drove home Thursday evening;
16. My parents-in-law are staying with us this weekend and we feel super blessed to have their company in our home. My MIL is so adorable!

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  1. We too are excited that Nana and Pop Pop are here:) God is so good that they get to see the snow and "enjoy" it firstfoot...HA!
    Hope you guys enjoy them to the fullest and make beautiful memories.


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