Friday, February 19, 2010

Counting My Blessings

Picture 19

1. A lil brother in Christ turned one year new this week...we were invited to celebrate and we had a great time! So nice to see the C Sr. family again :)
2. Received my in-laws at the to meet them finally in person and they are so delightful.....there was lots of hugs and tears!
3. Had a delicious dinner at my SIL's house,
4. Our pastor blessed us with some adorable clothes for our baby,
5. A beloved brother gave my husband jeans and such a nice shirt. God is so good, my husband was saying the other day how he has used most of his good jeans for work and now he has some really nice new ones. Thanks again brother!!!
6. My sister came over and gave me some much needed organizational was a big help,



(and yes, it did take me that long to finish organizing my in-box)

7. Another beautiful snow day!
8. My mom blessed me with some fruits and veggies!
9. Received a free pint of coffee creamer,
10. As I cleaned out my in-box I saw a rebate check dated December of 2008 from the City that I didn't cash, thankfully the city was willing to issue another check and I received it this week!! Woo Hoo thank you Jesus!!!!
11. My in-laws visited our church as well as my SIL's about the right Word at the right time,
12. Received my final order from 1800Contacts...they have great customer service,
13. I was able to witness the Lord's immediate answer to my prayer ; thank you my loving FATHER.....
14. I thank you Lord for the advance notices you have given me this week!
15. Had such a loving and tender conversation with my husband; The Lord knows what suits me!!


  1. You know I enjoy a good cleaning project:) I loved meeting Nana and Pop Pop...a flash forward into Brother's looks in a couple of years...HA!

  2. Oh doesn't getting organized feel great? I have been on a mission to get rid of 500 pounds of clutter from our lives...up to over 330 so far! Great to have found you through FF. I am your newest follower.

  3. So much great blessings this week sis. Brother looks just like his father. The before and after pics are great. I need to invite Karen over more often ;0)....

  4. Hi, following your blog from friday Follow.

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    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Hello love. It's so good to see God continues to bless His people.

    Have a wonderful week. God bless you. xox

  6. Following you from the Friday Follow.


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