Friday, February 12, 2010

Counting My Blessings

Picture 19

1. My daughter turned 6 months this week; she is drinking from a sippy cup, eating cereal and baby food!!!
2. My husband did a great job on an "about time" repair in the kitchen
3. A beloved brother preached on Sunday; Just about the whole church received a Word from the LORD...You are so merciful that YOU give us warning!!!
4. My mom dropped by for a surprise daughters do enjoy grandma time:)
5. Tuesday's teaching has been such a revelation;
6. My sister re-did my blog design for me...It looks great! Thanks again Karen ;0)
7. My husband was let out early from work on Wednesday and was able to enjoy playing and sledding in the snow with our daughter.
8. Karen, her husband and our daughters went out to play in the much fun with the fam!
9. My mom blessed us with some sweets treats which I was so looking forward to after church service,
10. Was able to purchase some sale items from CVS, RA and Wags this week...Thank you Jesus!
11. Received my contact lens order..although there was a problem with one of the boxes I am greatful!
12. A church elder was healed during Thursday night service!!!
13. My family and I will be picking up the family from the airport this Saturday and we are all verrrry excited!!!!!!
14. I declare those things that are not as if the Jesus' name AMEN!!!!!!


  1. I praise the Lord that He has made the family close in more than one way:) We're so excited to meet our other family members and see their reaction to this weather...HA! We love you guys so much! I enjoyed my treats from Mami with coffee last night:)

  2. Sydney, thank you so much for blessing me with the Word of God. I receive the word and press it close to my heart.

    As always, you and your sister continue to encourage and bless me.

    I'm so happy for your little one turning six months. I love that age. I always did. xox


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